PCI-SIG Includes GDA Technologies on PCI Express Integrators List

1/6/2005 - GDA Technologies, Inc., a fast growing supplier of Silicon Intellectual Property (SIP) and Electronic Design Services (EDS), announced that PCI-SIG has included GDA on its PCI Express Integrators List. GDA has successfully completed the testing procedures of the PCI Express Compliance Workshop utilizing its NGIO platform based on Xilinx Virtex-II ProÔ device. As part of PCI-SIG procedure, GDA has passed all the test criteria set forth at the PCI-SIG Compliance Workshops including Protocol, Electrical, and Configuration tests, and provided a complete and satisfactory PCI-SIG Compliance Checklist.

“GDA is at the forefront of developing high-performance interconnect technologies IPs such as their GPEX product family based on the PCI Express technology," said Frank Berry, vice president of marketing, QLogic Corporation. "The GPEX IP cores have enabled us to develop highly integrated and complex products. Compliance testing and interoperability validation play a significant role in reducing development and market risks, ensuring smooth transition to the new standard and deployment of our products to the market.”

According to Mike Frazier, director engineering, IP Solutions Division, at Xilinx, “By passing all the PCI-SIG compliance and interoperability tests and getting added to the Integrators List of the PCI Express, GDA has demonstrated they are in the forefront of the development of cutting edge technology. Most importantly, this effort provides independent confirmation about the effectiveness of Virtex-II ProÔ devices from Xilinx and third party IP for the expedient development of PCI Express applications.”

“We are happy to see the addition of several member companies, including GDA, to the current PCI-SIG Integrators List,” said Tony Pierce, PCI-SIG Chairman. “PCI-SIG appreciates GDA’s contribution towards the proliferation of PCI Express technology.”

"Addition of our PCI Express IP solution to the PCI-SIG Integrators List is another tribute to the outstanding quality of our IP offerings," said Prakash Bare, VP of IP Business at GDA. "And as demand for PCI Express increases, our role in proliferation of this technology to computing, networking, and communications industries has made us the leading PCI Express IP provider in this rapidly growing market segment.”

The GDA PCI Express (GPEX) IP family is the most comprehensive solution available today for implementing PCI-Express IO in ASIC, FPGA and Structured ASIC designs. The highly configurable solution offers optimum area, power, timing, latency, bandwidth and ease of integration for a wide range of applications. GPEX supports endpoint, root complex, switch and bridge implementations with all the possible link widths, virtual channels, functions and packet sizes specified in PCI-Express specification. Line side interface is designed for interoperating with a wide range of PHY designs. Several interface options are offered on the system side to cover all major application scenarios. GPEX is exhaustively verified in simulation as well as silicon interoperating with most of the available third party simulation models, silicon implementations and systems. GDA has participated in all the PCI-Express compliance workshops and GPEX is the only IP solution available today which is interoperability validated in SIG workshops for both endpoint and root complex configurations.

About GDA Technologies
GDA Technologies Inc. is a leading Electronic Design Services (EDS) and Silicon Intellectual Property (SIP) solution provider for the embedded, networking, and consumer electronics markets. GDA specializes in designing ASICs, FPGAs, IPs, boards, SoCs, software and complete systems from concept to product. GDA has successfully developed products in the areas of desktop, server, and embedded computing, digital audio and video applications, Internet appliances, and voice and data networking applications. In the IP front, GDA has been the leading solution provider for fast interconnect technologies such as PCI Express, HyperTransport, RapidIO, Ethernet and Advanced Switching with many licenses sold in compute, networking and communication markets. GDA is headquartered in San Jose, California, and has satellite design centers in Boston, Sacramento, Singapore, Chennai and Bangalore, India. The GDA web site is www.gdatech.com

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