TEK's JazzStream Combines VXS, XMC with PCI Express on VME 6U Platform

9/30/2004 - TEK Microsystems, Inc. of Chelmsford MA announced its new JazzStream Family, the first family of products to combine the VXS and XMC standards with the PCI Express switched fabric interconnect on a VME 6U platform. The new JazzStream delivers unprecedented bandwidth, scalability and throughput for building high performance embedded computing systems. Applications such as signal intelligence, UAVs, control processing, fire control systems and ground vehicles can achieve an immediate 4:1 reduction in required I/O board count, leaving slots available for additional processing power.

TEK Microsystems’ new JazzStream family delivers breakthrough I/O performance exceeding existing RACE++ and StarFabric implementations by a factor of four or higher. The key architectural advancements of JazzStream include:

“Tekmicro has invested significant time and effort in the development of truly open standards for switched fabric interconnect through our sponsorship of XMC in both VITA and PICMG and our participation in VITA 41, 46 and other task groups,” said Andrew Reddig, president and CTO of TEK Microsystems, Inc. “JazzStream is the first product to take full advantage of these new standards, leveraging the merchant PCI Express ecosystem to build high performance embedded systems without sacrificing the open standard interoperability that our customers require.”

TEK Microsystems serves as co-chair and draft editor for the joint PICMG / VITA development of XMC using PCI Express. The Company has made a commitment to open switched fabric interconnect as demonstrated with a range of PMC and RACE++ products, in the investment in standards development in VITA and PICMG, and now in JazzStream, the first product to combine VXS and XMC and the first product to use PCI Express in a 6U VME form factor.

Over the years, TEK Microsystems has partnered with PLX Technology at the very early stages of product development to ensure compatibility and both companies serve in various PCI Express committees.

According to Larry Chisvin, Chief Operating Officer of PLX Technology, “The new JazzStream is TEK Microsystems’ implementation of high performance embedded computing using our complete and flexible line of bridge and switch chips based on PCI Express technology. This is the first step in opening the embedded 6U VME market to the benefits of PCI Express and the product will be a benchmark in the expansion of the PCI Express ecosystem”.

JazzStream Family Overview
Initial members of the JazzStream family include:

All of the members of the JazzStream family are supported by the tekX software environment and tekConnect IP architecture, and all models have integrated support for a wide range of TEK Microsystems’ and third party PMC/XMC modules, including FPDP II, Serial FPDP, Fibre Channel, A/D, D/A, Camera Link and others.

The FPGA-enabled JazzStream product is a migration of the TEK Microsystems PowerRACE-3 product, combining VXS, XMC and PCI Express with Xilinx Virtex II Pro FPGAs and the tekConnect IP architecture to support development and deployment of FPGA-based signal processing with unprecedented bandwidth in an off-the-shelf 6U platform.

JazzStream products will also be available as preconfigured data recording and playback solutions. TEK Microsystems’ FlexStore data recording system supports up to 1 GB/s of data recording in a single 6U slot with a network-centric modular architecture and scalability up to 36 GB/s of I/O in a 6U system. JazzStream-based recorders can be used to record high speed data from Serial FPDP, A/D, or FPDP II interfaces with sub-microsecond timing accuracy across multiple channels and multiple carrier cards.

The JazzStream 6U board will be available in production in the Spring of 2005 for both commercial and rugged environments.

TEK Microsystems, Inc., founded in 1981 and headquartered in Chelmsford Massachusetts, designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of advanced high-performance boards and systems for embedded real-time computing systems. Our comprehensive product line includes advanced carrier boards based on widely adopted industry standards and more than 30 XMC cards. These products are used in real-time systems designed for data acquisition, instrumentation, control systems and signal processing in customer applications such as reconnaissance, signals intelligence, satellite telemetry, mine detection, medical imaging, radar, sonar, semiconductor inspection and seismic research.

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