Compuware Reveals Product Roadmap for Microsoft Development Solutions

9/30/2004 - Compuware Corporation (NASDAQ: CPWR) announced at the Gartner Application Development Summit (booth #4) its strategic product development plans over the next 12 months for the Compuware DevPartner line of Microsoft developer solutions. These plans call for Compuware to further integrate its tools with Visual Studio, with a focus on legacy code support and migration, as well as on distributed application development.

As enterprises adopt new application technologies, they typically need to integrate these technologies into existing application infrastructure to ensure reliable and high-performing operation. Failure to do so can result in additional costs, delays and lost revenue. Compuware uniquely enables businesses to make this transition occur more smoothly through products and services that help developers employ best practices in producing high-quality applications.

“The idea of application quality and the need to assess and address quality issues early in the development life cycle is really starting to resonate with organizations,” said Rick LaPlante, General Manager of Microsoft Visual Studio Team System at Microsoft Corp. “Microsoft is pleased to see Compuware take full advantage of this by positioning its DevPartner products higher in the value chain to enable developers to work more effectively in delivering critical applications.”

Compuware delivers detailed analysis of application quality and performance with its DevPartner products and plans to significantly broaden the level of concrete technical advice its products provide developers on correcting application problems. Compuware’s roadmap calls for bringing enhanced software to market for development projects that incorporate new and existing code, using multiple technologies. These projects will significantly benefit from Compuware’s ability to provide actionable advice on best practices for ensuring high performance and reliability.

“DevPartner Studio has always complemented Visual Studio capabilities, providing value-add information to assist developers in improving coding practices and using memory and other resources efficiently. We are taking that much further with the analysis of a significantly broader range of factors affecting the reliability and security of applications,” said Ken Cowan, Product Manager for the Compuware DevPartner and DriverStudio product families. “We are greatly enhancing our ability to analyze applications and to provide actionable advice, delivering guidance on software development best practices in real-time in order to maximize application quality and performance.”

Compuware has taken detailed information from trusted sources, such as Microsoft Developer Network and embedded this information into DevPartner analysis capabilities, giving developers an automated expert to advise them on locating and correcting application problems. This innovative approach enables developers to concentrate on leveraging their knowledge of the business to add value through application logic, while DevPartner provides the recommendations that significantly improve the quality of the application. Capabilities such as these enable IT organizations to get the most out of their hardware and software, resulting in lower IT costs.

“IT organizations will achieve greater reliability of their application through earlier and more comprehensive testing,” said Cowan. “The more the application is available, the more revenue opportunities there are for the enterprise.”

Compuware will extend the DevPartner product line and deliver superior value to application development and testing teams using Microsoft technologies in the form of two new product offerings in the coming months. The launch of the next major release of Compuware DevPartner Studio Professional Edition will follow when Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 becomes generally available.

The first new addition to the DevPartner product line will provide comprehensive application security vulnerability analysis features that enable developers to quickly locate and fix both known and potential security vulnerabilities in Microsoft ASP.NET applications. This product will assist enterprises in developing, testing and deploying applications that are better able to withstand malicious attacks and data theft.

The second new addition to the DevPartner product line will provide a unique way for developers and testers to ensure high quality and reliability in application error-handling code, which is notoriously difficult to test during the application development life cycle. This product utilizes fault simulation to emulate real world application errors. Developers will now have access to a predictable, repeatable environment to proactively analyze and debug their application's reaction to errors.

These new product offerings complement DevPartner Studio Professional Edition, the premier error detection and analysis environment for developers building complex mission-critical applications. The next release of DevPartner Studio Professional Edition will support development using Visual Studio 2005 and deliver the next generation of performance analysis, coupled with expert advice for improving application performance.

Compuware DevPartner Studio Professional Edition provides an award-winning suite of features that help software professionals accelerate the development of reliable, high-performance applications and components for Microsoft .NET as well as native Windows platforms. Building new .NET Framework-based applications that may integrate with native components may be prone to integration and migration problems, coding errors and poor performance, especially if those application components are distributed across multiple systems. Compuware DevPartner Studio enables developers to locate errors early, to tune runtime performance and to assure thorough testing of applications written in Microsoft .NET, native code or a combination of the two.

Compuware delivers comprehensive support for the Microsoft platform across the application life cycle not only with its DevPartner product line, but also with its QACenter product line for application quality assurance and with its Vantage product line for application service management.

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