Data I/O, Panasonic Offer RoadRunner Support for Placement Machines

9/30/2004 - Data I/O® Corporation (NASDAQ:DAIO), the leading provider of automated programming solutions, and Panasonic Factory Automation, the leading provider of SMT placement equipment, announce ProLINE-RoadRunner support for the Panasonic DT401 and CM402 surface mount technology component placement machines.

The innovative ProLINE-RoadRunnerä product from Data I/O is the world’s fastest and most cost-effective programming system available. The ProLINE-RoadRunner removes four blank electronic programmable devices from carrier tape, programs them simultaneously, and automatically delivers 100% programmed parts to the pick-up point of the Panasonic placement machine ready for surface mount assembly. This philosophy satisfies both lean manufacturing and Six Sigma principles used extensively in the electronics manufacturing industry today. The ProLINE-RoadRunner, the only automated inline programming feeder to mount to SMT placement platforms, is targeted at Original Design/Equipment Manufacturers (OEM/ODM) and Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) producing mid-to high-volume assemblies incorporating high-density Flash memory devices and Microcontrollers. Applications include cellular phones, automotive, and consumer electronics.

"Our collaboration with Data I/O has resulted in extending the product family for the very innovative programming solution for our mutual customers, and we are happy to recommend the ProLINE-RoadRunner for the Panasonic SMT placement equipment," said Tom Baggio, Panasonic Factory Automation, Engineering Manager. "Panasonic Factory Automation SMT equipment and the ProLINE-RoadRunner is a perfect combination for manufacturers who believe in the most efficient, cost effective factories, operating lean manufacturing and Six Sigma manufacturing principles."

This lean manufacturing process affects the way electronics manufacturers handle product releases. The traditional method of offline or outsourced device programming is not conducive to modern day manufacturing principles. The ProLINE-RoadRunner not only fits the Six Sigma reduction of variability philosophy by programming 100% quality devices, but also programs NOR, NAND, Disk-on-Chip and MCP Flash memory and Microcontroller devices at lightning speeds.

“Today’s announcement represents an important milestone in the ProLINE-RoadRunner's history,” said Mark Briant, Product Manager for Data I/O Corporation. “We are pleased to be working with a world class leader such as Panasonic Factory Automation to add ProLINE-RoadRunner support for the DT401 and CM402, extending the ProLINE-RoadRunner family for Panasonic SMT equipment MSF, MPAV2B, MPAG3 and MCF machines.”

About Data I/O
Celebrating 30 years of innovative leadership in the device programming industry, Data I/O Corporation® (NASDAQ:DAIO) provides manual and automated device programming systems that specifically address the requirements of engineering and manufacturing operations. FlashCOREä is the architecture behind a family of Flash Programmers that deliver the highest throughput and lowest cost per programmed device. For Flash, Microcontroller and Logic device support, the MultiSyte and UniSite families provide universal support and versatility to address a wide variety of programming needs. Data I/O Corporation is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, and has sales and service offices worldwide. For more information, see or call 800-426-1045.

About Panasonic Factory Automation
A North American source for electronics assembly equipment, software and technical support, Panasonic Factory Automation provides total business systems solutions for electronic semiconductor and packaging companies in the global marketplace through one provider. Panasonic Factory Automation is also a premier source for SMT, robotic and manual arc welding equipment to distributors, system integrators and end users. Panasonic Factory Automation Company is a Unit Company of Matsushita Electric Corporation of America. For more information, see or call 847-468-4000.

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