Enea Embedded Technology Adds Serial RapidIO Support to OSE RTOS

9/29/2004 - Enea Embedded Technology announced that the OSE RTOS supports the serial version of RapidIOTM. The serial RapidIO version is designed to function as interconnect between boards in a system such as the Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA®) and for Digital Signal Processors (DSPs).

“OSE is designed from start with multi-processor systems in mind,” said Adrian Leufvén, vice president marketing of Enea Embedded Technology. “Now when systems supporting serial RapidIO are becoming available, it is logical for Enea to support these initiatives.”

Enea first introduced RapidIO support in its parallel version for the Power QUICCTM III processors from Freescale Semiconductor. With the serial version of RapidIO the scope of this technology spreads beyond the connectivity of CPUs and peripherals on a single board. Serial RapidIO connects boards using an AdvancedTCA back plane as well as daughter cards connected via carrier cards. As the number of processors in these systems grows, the OSE technology allowing transparent and high-performance distribution becomes a key element in building a reliable system.

The communications market is a prime target for these systems and typical applications include: IP routers and switches, 3G-infrastructure equipment such as Media gateways and Radio Network Controllers, DSLAMs, and enterprise equipment.

“Enea continues to make substantial contributions to the RapidIO interconnect technology,” said Iain Scott, executive director of the RapidIO Trade Association. “High-performance distributed systems that require fault tolerance and high availability can leverage Enea’s established RTOS while taking advantage of RapidIO’s unique features.”

In order to continue the strategy of being a frontrunner when it comes to software support of RapidIO technology, Enea participates in the following technology initiatives:

The OSE LinkHandler, the name of the OSE product that extends the abilities of the OSE RTOS kernel to operate in a multi-processor, environment provides the developer of an embedded system the view of a fully distributed operating system. The OSE concept is not based on a single master, instead, the built-in service discovery mechanism provides a framework where all nodes communicate with each other. This makes an OSE based system much more robust since it can easily survive failures of any individual node.

About the RapidIO Trade Association
The RapidIO Trade Association and its global members drive the RapidIOTM interconnect architecture. This ISO-certified, open-standard seamlessly enables the chip-to-chip, board-to-board, control, backplane and data plane interconnections needed in high-performance networking, communications and embedded systems. RapidIO-based products are shipping now, including silicon chips, boards and systems. Detailed information on the RapidIO specification, products, design tools, member companies, and membership is available at www.RapidIO.org.

About the Freescale AdvancedTCA Modular Development System
Freescale’s concept of a modular development system demonstrates a comprehensive, versatile prototyping environment based on industry-standard high-speed interconnects and form factors. Powered by Freescale’s broad silicon portfolio and supporting the RapidIO interconnect standard and the Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA®), the demonstration underscores how the ATCA system solution can be used to prototype and evaluate entire functional systems. By combining Freescale’s high-performance processors, RapidIO technology and Gigabit Ethernet on one common AdvancedTCA development system, AdvancedTCA is planned to be available to support such diverse applications as media gateways, Internet protocol (IP) DSLAMs, IP PBX systems, enterprise routers, host and digital signal processing farms, and radio network controllers used in 3G wireless infrastructure.

About Ensemble
The EnsembleTM system from Mercury Computer Systems gives telecom equipment developers immediate access to the power and functionality of Serial RapidIOTM technology in an AdvancedTCA® form factor. By combining Mercury’s software and systems architecture expertise with high-performance parallel RapidIO multiport switching, the Ensemble system lets developers qualify and characterize system performance before making design commitments. With the Ensemble system, OEMs gain valuable application-specific insights into RapidIO capabilities, thereby reducing integration costs, improving efficiency, and minimizing risks in design and test of next-generation applications.

About AdvancedTCA
The AdvancedTCA® (Advanced Telecom and Compute Architecture) platform standard was developed through the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group to address the requirements of next-generation applications that could not be served by the CompactPCI standard or proprietary solutions. The prime objective of AdvancedTCA is to provide the broad benefits of a standardized, yet scalable platform to address the key challenges of next generation systems with sufficient flexibility to be utilized across a broad class of applications without imposing constraints that might impede product differentiation.

About Enea Embedded Technology
Enea Embedded Technology is a leading provider of real-time operating systems, development tools and services for fault-tolerant, high-availability and safety-critical applications. Enea Embedded Technology owns and markets the OSE® real-time operating system. OSE is used in millions of products worldwide, including distributed communication systems such as communication infrastructure and mobile phones, avionics, medical, automotive and industrial control systems. Enea Embedded Technology is a subsidiary of Enea AB (SAXESS: ENEA), based in Stockholm, Sweden. Employing about 600 people worldwide, Enea provides products, services, and training for a variety of real-time embedded, IT and e-business applications. Customers include industry leaders such as Ericsson, Nokia, Boeing, Motorola, Alcatel, Volvo, TI, Agere Systems, Fujitsu and Hospira. For more information on Enea Embedded Technology, please visit www.ose.com. For more information on Enea AB please visit www.enea.com. Enea is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s Attract-40 list.

OSE is a registered trademark of Enea Embedded Technology.

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