Performance Technologies Debuts Packet Processing Accelerator Products

9/28/2004 - Performance Technologies (Nasdaq NM: PTIX), a leading developer of integrated platforms, components and software solutions for the communications, military and commercial markets, introduced the two newest elements in its line of specialized products designed to eliminate packet processing bottlenecks and allow OEMs to handle new IP networking tasks at wire-speed.

Most of today's application designs have shifted to packet-based architectures, and embedded systems are following suit. Performance Technologies' new "Accelerator" products enable OEMS to instill products with advanced networking features emerging as key elements in deploying leading-edge solutions.

The company's new FlexTunnelTM module acts as a gateway for each element in a distributed system, allowing a number of remote, private networks to be easily connected via private IP "tunnels." Also being introduced is the PMC8300 Packet Processing Engine, which allows more efficient processing on host single board computers by offloading packet processing tasks onto a specialized hardware PMC mezzanine for storage, encryption and general Ethernet-based communications requirements.

"Contemporary embedded systems, such as Performance Technologies' Advanced Managed Platforms, are shifting to packet architectures such as Ethernet to address system scalability and performance challenges. Our new Accelerator solutions are optimized around these requirements," said Jim Medeiros, vice president of marketing for Performance Technologies.

"These products implement a consistent approach to removing packet processing bottlenecks, which will result in improved performance in existing embedded systems with scalability to support future requirements."

Performance Technologies' FlexTunnel module is the first and only hardware-based embedded tunneling solution on the market. By offloading tunneling tasks from the switch processor, the FlexTunnel module can maintain superior chassis-to-chassis connections as well as better intra-chassis throughput. This PTMC module can be directly attached to several members of Performance Technologies' award-winning Ethernet switch family, including the CPC4416 and CPC5400 Embedded Ethernet Switches. By combining wire-speed switching and tunnel routing functions in a single slot, this unique solution saves crucial chassis space, while enhancing system security, manageability, resiliency and extensibility.

The PMC8300 is the first solution to offer an integrated transport and storage offload engine coupled with increasingly important security protocols such as IPsec. The PMC8300 removes the burden of processing tasks such as TCP/IP, iSCSI storage interfacing, encryption and authentication from the host CPU, which can exceed 80 percent of the host's utilization. By offloading these tasks, the host is free to perform application processing with increased CPU cycles, thus improving system density. Additionally, the PMC8300 offers an option for creating highly reliable, highly available, secure and managed IP storage for a fraction of the cost and space of traditional storage area network (SAN) approaches.

While the PMC8300 can be attached directly onto any board supporting PMC expansion allowing network engineers to easily design, manage and maintain system solutions, Performance Technologies' CPC5505 Intel® Pentium® M-based Single Board Computer provides the PMC8300 with the added capability to speak directly to the backplane, removing the need for cabling while providing wire-speed performance.

Performance Technologies' FlexTunnel module will be generally available in November 2004, and pricing starts at $3995. General availability for the PMC8300 is December 2004. List price is $1900 with initial support for iSCSI and follow on support for additional protocols in 1H 2005.

About Performance Technologies
Performance Technologies ( Nasdaq NM : PTIX) develops the platforms, components and software solutions for the world's evolving communications infrastructure. Our broad customer base includes companies in the communications, military and commercial markets. Serving the industry for more than 20 years, our complete line of packet-based products enables equipment manufacturers and service providers to offer highly available and fully-managed systems with time-to-market, performance and cost advantages.

Performance Technologies is headquartered in Rochester, New York. Additional operational and engineering facilities are located in San Diego and San Luis Obispo, California; Norwood, Massachusetts and Ottawa, Canada.

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