UEI, VenturCom Eases Embedded Development with PowerDAQ for ETS Driver

9/27/2004 - Expanding on its support for engineers who need to collect data and perform automation and control with a hard realtime system, UEI and VenturCom are jointly announcing the "PowerDAQ for ETS" driver. This support software allows users to access all of the functionality of UEI's PowerDAQ line of PCI and PXI cards-with models for multifunction operation, simultaneous sampling, analog output, and digital I/O-under VenturCom's Phar Lap Embedded ToolSuite realtime operating system (RTOS). Features that make ETS especially popular among embedded developers are its small footprint,; the ability to provide realtime performance on Intel's 32-bit x86 processor platforms, even a 486; and its Win32 API-based development environment that combines ease-of-use and hard realtime performance.

Once they select the appropriate PowerDAQ card, scientists or engineers creating data-acquisition/control applications write their code in C or C++ under Microsoft's Visual Studio. When users purchase ETS they get both the ETS Kernel and a complete embedded development environment that includes the Embedded Studio Express plug-in for Visual Studio. The plug-in makes it as easy for programmers to develop embedded applications as it is to write applications for Windows. Other components of the ETS Kernel include a TCP/IP stack and GUI. Developers thus have access to the industry's leading compiler-IDE combination for building embedded and realtime systems.

"We're delighted to enhance our reputation as 'The Realtime Alternative' in data-acquisition and control hardware by offering the ETS Kernel," comments Shaun Miller, President of UEI. "Our customers will appreciate the ability to deploy cost-effective and high-performance embedded systems thanks to the combination of ETS and PowerDAQ hardware. An ETS system requires few compute resources, and that works well with our DSP-based cards, which offload the OS from data-acq and control processes."

VenturCom Senior Vice President Steve Woodard says, "Our customers are looking for ways to quickly and easily build I/O capabilities into their systems, and this partnership with UEI allows us to point them to high-performance cards for the job. We do so with full confidence in both UEI and in the PowerDAQ for ETS driver."

As noted, the ETS API is highly compatible with the Win32 API, so developers need not learn a new programming paradigm and can be immediately productive. Likewise, the PowerDAQ for ETS driver retains the same API as is found on other UEI drivers including the PowerDAQ for Windows, Linux and QNX drivers. Thus users can port code to ETS easily and take advantage of their existing code base.

To link the ETS driver with an application, users have two choices:

These drivers support all the functionality on all of UEI's PowerDAQ cards for both the PCI and PXI buses. These cards fall into four categories:

Every PowerDAQ card comes with an onboard DSP that controls the operation of all I/O subsystems (analog I/O, digital I/O, counter/timers) independent of the activities of the host CPU. In addition, the DSP can ran any and all subsystems simultaneously at their fullrated speed.

Price and Availability
The ETS driver is part of the PowerDAQ Software Suite that ships with every PowerDAQ card at no charge. The driver is also available for downloading on the UEI website (www.ueidaq.com/downloads). For more information about this or any other UEI hardware and software products, users can go to www.ueidaq.com or call 781-821-2890. For more information about VenturCom products, users can go to www.vci.com or call 781-647-3000

About United Electronic Industries, Inc
Known as "The High-Performance Alternative," UEI (Canton, MA, www.ueidaq.com) is a supplier of leading-edge PowerDAQ PCI- and PXI-based data acquisition cards, the PowerDNA Ethernet-based distributed data-acquisition and automation system, signal-conditioning accessories and software. In particular, it has emerged as a market leader in the field of hard realtime data acquisition on PCs through its support of realtime Linux implementations and commercial RTOSs. A proprietary protocol on the PowerDNA Cube gives Ethernet-based I/O systems true realtime performance, but the system also runs with conventional Ethernet protocols, as well. Among the firm's major markets are sophisticated production test systems, process monitoring and control as well as research/development.

About VenturCom, Inc
VenturCom Inc (Waltham, MA, www.vci.com) is the leader in designing and developing software products that control and manage devices utilizing the Windows operating systems. VenturComís software, design tools, operating platforms, consulting and training deliver always-on reliability plus a range of cost-effective options for system management, configuration, and control that ensure the highest levels of security and productivity. The firmís embedded solutions include: the Phar Lap ETS realtime operating system; RTX, the market-leading solution that increases control and adds real-time capability to Windows; and ReadyOn, a solution that gives devices instant-on/instant-off functionality.

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