Arima Selects Phoenix TrustedCore for Simplified Trusted Computing

9/24/2004 - Phoenix Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq:PTEC) announced that Arima Computer Corporation has selected Phoenix Technologies' cME(R) TrustedCore Core System Software -- next generation, secure firmware that improves security and manageability for network-connected server, desktop, notebook and embedded PCs and systems -- to use in future versions of its notebook PCs and consumer digital devices. Arima selected Phoenix cME TrustedCore in order to provide its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers and consumers with unprecedented new PC and digital device security and management.

Arima, a leading global provider of product design and manufacturing services for IT and consumer electronics products, is one of the leading device and notebook PC manufacturers in Taiwan. Arima will begin using cME TrustedCore in future designs of its notebook PCs that are jointly developed for global OEMs of PCs and digital devices around the world.

Phoenix cME TrustedCore is the only Core System Software solution that can be integrated into computers and digital products to protect factory-installed system software and incorporate industry-standard network management and security. By delivering higher security and reliability from the foundation of the system, TrustedCore enables Arima to implement a higher level of system protection, asset authentication and reliable network connectivity.

"Unlike promised future proprietary firmware from silicon vendors, the Phoenix TrustedCore products allow us to deliver built-in device authentication in our new and future products that are forward and backward compatible with existing systems and allow our OEM customers to create a "chain of trust" architecture that integrates with popular enterprise standards for network system management and security," said Ken Kan, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing at Arima.

"Phoenix TrustedCore and its applications add value to our products, and significantly increase user confidence in system security through ease of use and innovative protection technologies. Also, The Phoenix TrustedCore public key crypto engine provides enhanced support for system recovery applications and more secure connectivity between Microsoft Windows and the application environment. Phoenix cME TrustedCore has created tremendous business opportunities and benefits for Arima's notebook PCs and consumer digital devices," Mr. Kan added.

Need for Device and PC Security Built Into Firmware
In the past, PCs began as stand-alone machines that performed basic functions. Today, security is becoming increasingly critical to PC OEMs and businesses because nearly all digital devices are sophisticated network endpoints that are increasingly exposed to malicious attacks, viruses and other security threats. The TrustedCore Core System Software allows businesses and PC users to protect their intellectual property and ensure that business operations can continue in spite of the nefarious virus and hacker threats.

Phoenix cME TrustedCore delivers next-generation software that improves security and manageability for network-connected server, desktop, notebook and embedded systems. Products based on TrustedCore provide built-in device security and a secure console-managed environment that supports system recovery applications from Phoenix and certified third-party providers. The modular design and leading-edge visual development tools provide Phoenix original device manufacturers (ODMs) and OEM partners with improved time to market and better return on investments.

"Arima is a world-leading computer manufacturer that understands system security needs to be built into the core of PCs and devices," said Michael D. Goldgof, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Corporate Marketing and Products Division for Phoenix Technologies. "Phoenix partners with global leaders such as Arima throughout the PC and x86-based device value chain, and delivers business solutions with built-in security and management capabilities that integrate with enterprise security policy and management systems. Until now, firmware has been designed as if the system is standalone."

About The Phoenix Technologies cME TrustedCore Product Family
Every product within the Phoenix cME TrustedCore family enables built-in device trust capabilities and support for Phoenix Core Managed Environment (cME) applications and certified partner products. TrustedCore provides leading-edge support for new technologies such as PCI-Express and PCI 3.0. TrustedCore's modular design facilitates faster time to market as well as value-add opportunities for branded system builders and reseller channels. The TrustedCore Core System Software also supports the full range of mobile computing requirements for notebook, sub-notebook and tablet PCs and includes optimized power management capabilities that are complemented with support for Absolute CompuTraceTM asset tracking service.

Phoenix cME TrustedCore delivers the following market leading firmware capabilities:

About Arima Computer Corporation
Arima is a leading global provider of product design and manufacturing services for IT and consumer electronics products, as well as product delivery and after-the-sale product service. Since 1987, Arima has continually invested in new and emerging technologies all the while producing quality products that remain at the forefront of innovation. Global headquarters ( is in Taiwan and North America headquarters ( is in the Silicon Valley. Arima has manufacturing service and R&D facilities in Taiwan, China, Europe and North America. Information on the RioWorksTM server products is available at:

About Phoenix Technologies
Phoenix Technologies Ltd. develops a complete product suite of Core System Software, tools and applications to deliver trusted, seamless computing to smart devices for an Internet-connected world. Phoenix Technologies helped launch the PC industry nearly 25 years ago. Today we are extending our leadership and knowledge at the core of machines, beyond the PC to a wide range of platforms and devices.

Phoenix Core System Software has set the standard for the world's leading branded PC OEMs and their global network of supply chain and software partners. Today, Phoenix solutions enable, secure, connect, and recover the world's best-known systems. These solutions are built into the device core, where they are protected from viruses, user errors, hackers, and corruption. Phoenix Technologies is headquartered in Milpitas, Calif. (Silicon Valley), with offices in global business and technology centers. For more information, visit

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