ACTIS Computer Rolls Out Second Generation PowerQUICC 2 VME SBC

9/23/2004 - ACTIS Computer (a company specialized on PowerQUICC and embedded PowerPC), which has been selling successfully the VSBC-6862 for nearly 5 years, has just announced the VSBC-6872. This new Single Board Computer is a much more powerful solution than its predecessor, even if it is sold 33% less.

As an example, the new board features the latest design of the PowerQUICC 2, using 0.13um technology, the MPC-8270 which is rated at 855 DMIPS @ 450MHz clock, instead of the previous 200 MHz clock for the MPC-8260 used in the previous board.

Improvements aren't limited to the clock speed, there are many enhanced, or new features. The VSBC-6872 provide three Fast Ethernet ports instead of two, and supports in the standard version two S-ATA ports and a CompactFlash socket. Furthermore, the board four serial RS-232 or RS 422/485/V.35 are available on the front panel.

An other key change is the replacement of the slower 16-bit IP module slots by a faster 32-bit PMC slot.

The VSBC-6872 includes 128 Mbytes of SDRAM, 16 Mbytes of Flash memory, as well as 1 Mbytes of SRAM. A 32 Kbytes SRAM integrated with the clock/calendar device is backed up with a small on board Lithium battery.

The interface to the VME bus is designed around a complex FPGA device and supports the 32-bit VME rev. C standard.

The VSBC-6872 is supplied with an on board monitor ECMON, and several BSP including VxWorks and LINUX are available.

The VSBC-6872 is announced with a price of CHF. 2'500.- ( about US$ 1'950.- and € 1'650.- ) in quantity of 1 piece, and CHF. 1'500.- ( about US$ 1'170.- and €990.- ) in OEM quantities (1k and more).

For application using compactPCI bus, there is an equivalent product, the CSBC-6872, which will simplify migration between the two common platforms.

For more information, please have a look to our Website: or contact our sales department by email with our special VSBC-6872 address or by phone in USA: +1 480 838-1799 or other countries : +41 22 706-1830.

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