Kontron Offers DIMM-PC and ETX Modules with 100MHz STPC Elite Processors

9/23/2004 - Kontron AG has brought the fruits of its cooperation with STMicroelectronics to market: The COM products ETX-e.lite and DIMM-PC/lite both operate with the 100MHz STPC Elite from STMicroelectronics. Kontron integrated the French-Italian company's processors into its development plans in March. STPC Elite processors are ideal for simple, high-volume embedded applications.

Thanks to the STPC Elite processor, DIMM-PC and ETX computer-on-module products can now make use of the advantages of module technology in cost-sensitive mass market applications in areas such as building security, low-end numerical control, SOHO applications, GPS/GPRS solutions, set-top boxes and low-power testing and measuring equipment. Instead of designing a complex system with STPC Elite processors from the ground up, developers can now concentrate on implementation of application-relevant functions on the baseboard. Besides operating in embedded modules, 100MHz STPC Elite processors run on a PC/104 MOPS CPU board from Kontron.

DIMM-PC/lite - Smaller size, lower price
The DIMM-PC/lite is available in lite-I, lite-IE and lite-IU versions. Features on all versions include a processor with 486-class performance and an integrated floating point unit, 32 MByte of SDRAM (running at 100 MHz, like the processor) and 32 MByte of IDE-compatible Flash. The need for active cooling has been eliminated through the ultralow-power design. All of the usual - 2 serial, 1 parallel, keyboard and floppy - PC interfaces are standard on these lite DIMM-PCs. While DIMM-PC/lite-I provides the basis for communications, DIMM-PC/lite-IU adds a USB 1.1 port. DIMM-PC/lite-IE does without this, instead having a 10-Mbit Ethernet network interface.

Etx-e.lite - Extended technology lite
On the ETX-e.lite, the STPC Elite processor has 32 MByte (optionally up to 128 MByte) of low-cost soldered SDRAM memory available to it. A socket for CompactFlash is already on the module, and a vibration-proof Flash disk with up to 128 MByte of storage capacity comes as an option. Like its DIMM-PC cousins, the lite PC module can operate without active cooling due to its ultralow-power design, making it ideal for use as a replacement microcontroller for networking without graphics when a fanless alternative is desired. Despite its compact size, ETX-e.lite boasts all of a standard PC's interfaces: 2 serial interfaces, 1 parallel interface, 2 USB 1.1 ports and a 10/100-Mbit Ethernet connection. Up to 4 audio channels are optionally available.

STPC Elite on Kontron modules for mass application
STPC-based applications typically have lot sizes of up to 50,000 COM systems a year. For even higher volumes, single-board designs are recommended. STPC Elite processors, with their favorable combination of small size, low power consumption, good performance and true longevity (availability of 5 years or more), are ideal for space-critical modules such as ETX or DIMM-PC. Besides being employed in classic x86 applications, these processors are increasingly being used as substitutes for proprietary embedded intelligence at the low-end range, where standard PC features such as Ethernet and embedded Web services capability are embedded per se.

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