Programmierbare Logik and Systeme Unveils First JTAG Debug Interface

9/23/2004 - pls Programmierbare Logik and Systeme will introduce an alternative solution to conventional passive JTAG signal cables at the Electronica 2004 show in Munich, booth number A 6.513. The UAD-JTAG Extender, designed as an extension to pls Programmierbare Logik und Systeme's Universal Access Device (UAD) allows unlimited debugging via JTAG/OCDS level 1 under field conditions for the first time.

The new signal cable utilizes an active converter (Pod) that is connected to the JTAG lines of the target system. Differential signal lines are provided for communication between the Pod and the UAD. The Pod is powered via the Universal Access Device, so that an additional power supply is not required.

The active Pod ensures not only much higher interference immunity at a standard cable length of 50cm (100cm and longer cables are available on request) but at the same time supports higher JTAG clock frequencies. As a result, download times during software design or during FLASH programming are reduced substantial.

The UAD-JTAG Extender supports Infineon's 32-bit microcontroller TC1130 family but can also be used with other target systems that have a JTAG interface, such as Infineon's C166CBC and XC16x, the ARM family, and others. In conjunction with the UAD2, adaption to the appropriate I/O voltage of the target system is done automatically.

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