The MathWorks Rolls Out New Products for Closed-Loop Control Systems

9/23/2004 - The MathWorks announced the availability of two new and three upgraded products for engineers developing closed-loop control systems. These tools work seamlessly within the Simulink® environment and expand the range of MathWorks products for modeling dynamic systems and designing closed-loop controllers. As a result, control engineers can use Model-Based Design to develop control systems by modeling the behavior of the system, designing the software, and then simulating the entire system to accurately predict and optimize performance.

New products include:

Simulink Control Design provides advanced functionality for performing linear analysis of nonlinear models. Using Simulink Control Design, engineers can extract linear approximations of a Simulink model to analyze characteristics such as time and frequency responses and pole-zero dynamics. A graphical user interface (GUI) and programming capabilities reduce the complexity and time required to develop the linearized models.

Simulink Parameter Estimation calculates model parameters to match the response of Simulink models to the measured outputs of physical systems, eliminating the need to tune model parameters by trial and error or to develop independent optimization routines.

Upgraded products include:

Control System Toolbox provides specialized tools for designing and analyzing controllers for closed-loop control of dynamic systems. This toolbox now provides an upgraded numerical engine that uses the LAPACK and SLICOT libraries for faster and more accurate computations.

System Identification Toolbox lets engineers build and evaluate linear models of dynamic systems from measured input-output data. This toolbox now offers identification and validation using frequency-domain data.

Simulink Response Optimization tunes design parameters in Simulink models by optimizing time-based signals to meet user-defined constraints. It optimizes scalar, vector, and matrix-type variables and constrains multiple signals at any level in the model. The new version contains new optimization algorithms from the Optimization Toolbox and the Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search Toolbox for improved solution convergence.

The new and upgraded modeling tools enable engineers to merge fundamental-principle and data-driven modeling approaches to develop more accurate system models. New and enhanced control design products let control engineers apply linear analysis and control design methods to develop more responsive controllers and optimize control system performance.

“The MathWorks is pleased to be the first company to offer engineers one environment in which to perform a full spectrum of integrated modeling approaches combined with a comprehensive set of tools for linear controller design and control system tuning,” said Tony Lennon, control products marketing manager, The MathWorks. “Our full range of modeling and control design products forms a fundamental part of Model-Based Design for embedded control systems, and enables engineers to implement an end-to-end solution from executable specifications through code generation to test and verification.”

Pricing and Availability
Simulink Control Design, Simulink Parameter Estimation, Simulink Response Optimization, the Control System Toolbox, and the System Identification Toolbox are available immediately for Windows, UNIX/Linux, and Macintosh systems. Pricing starts at $1,000 U.S. for all products with the exception of the System Identification Toolbox, which starts at $900 U.S.

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