NemeriX, CEVA Target Indoor GPS Market with New Mobile Phone Chipset

9/22/2004 - NemeriX, a leading developer of low-power RF and baseband silicon and software positioning platforms, and CEVA, Inc., (NASDAQ: CEVA; LSE: CVA) the leading licensor of digital signal processing (DSP) cores and communications solutions to the semiconductor industry, announced a collaboration that will result in a new chipset targeting the indoor GPS market. This new solution, the NemeriX NJ2020, will leverage CEVA's latest generation GPS 4000 GPS IP solution to provide unmatched performance and programmability for mobile handheld devices.

The NemeriX NJ2020 A-GPS plug-and-play chipset is engineered to respond to the most challenging requirements in the mobile phone market. The chipset is ten times more accurate than FCC E911 requirements and works in the harshest environments such as deep indoors and in urban canyons where GPS signals are weak, deflected and obscured.

"The NemeriX-CEVA GPS solution delivers a powerful set of benefits for both manufacturers and end users," said Will Strauss, President of market analysis firm Forward Concepts. "For the handset manufacturer, it solves the most critical challenges of cost and power. For the end user, it delivers a nearly instant and incredibly accurate location fix which is vital for location-based services adoption and usage."

Where traditional GPS systems require several minutes, time to first fix (TTFF) is accomplished in less than 1 second outdoors or 8 seconds indoors thanks to unique multi-path mitigation and over-deterministic software from CEVA. Sensitivity down to -158dBm is achieved. Synchronous networks (e.g., CDMA) can take advantage of inherent network timing characteristics. The NemeriX-CEVA solution is especially suited for the more challenging asynchronous (GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/TD-SCDMA) network timing. With the DSP-centric architecture from CEVA and NemeriX's implementation, the A-GPS chipset delivers exceptional functionality in an extremely low-power, small footprint solution.

"Our collaboration with CEVA as the technology provider for the NJ2020 was a critical component that allowed us to complement our technology leadership in low-power and deliver on our indoor GPS strategy," said Vincent Mouret, CEO, NemeriX. "We evaluated several technology options, and determined that by licensing the CEVA IP we will provide our customers with the best indoor A-GPS technology available."

"We are pleased to have NemeriX among our licensees. NemeriX's expertise in providing the low-power GPS systems, combined with CEVA's high performance GPS 4000 platform, offers a power-efficient and cost-effective solution to mobile phones manufacturers," said Chet Silvestri, President and CEO of CEVA.

About the NemeriX NJ2020
The NemeriX NJ2020 delivers significant benefits to the mobile market, including:

Pricing and Availability
NemeriX will be demonstrating this new platform at the annual ION show in the Long Beach Convention Center September 21th through the 24th at booth H. Samples of NemeriX NJ2020 will be available for customers during 1H05. Contact NemeriX for pricing details.

About CEVA GPS 4000
CEVA's GPS 4000 solution, the tenth generation of GPS technology from CEVA, delivers instant and exceptionally accurate location information to within 5 meters, even in harsh environments such as indoors and urban canyons where GPS signals are weak and satellite coverage is partial. Instant and accurate positioning is required for widespread adoption of GPS mobile devices and is fundamental to enabling emerging and important location-based services (LBS). GPS 4000 also slashes the "time to first fix" to 2.5 seconds when a system is first powered up. It supports all wireless standards including GSM, CDMA, W-CDMA and GPRS.

About CEVA, Inc.
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