Birdstep Contributes Mobile Technology to EU's MADAM Project

9/21/2004 - Birdstep Technology ASA will contribute with advanced seamless mobility solutions and expertise to the research project MADAM in the EU 6th Framework Program. Project MADAM, which stands for Mobility and ADaptation enAbling Middleware, aims to develop modelling language extensions, tools and middleware that are required by software engineers to develop innovative mobile-based applications that can adapt to changes in network availability, available power and quality of service available to mobile terminals.

The overall objective of MADAM is to provide software engineers with modeling language extensions, tools and middleware that collectively foster the design, implementation and operation of innovative applications and services for the mobile user and worker. The MADAM project aims towards simplifying the design and implementation of mobile adaptive applications. This is necessary to bring out the best of the exciting new possibilities of next generation mobile computing technology. It is our goal that adaptive applications shall be easier to develop and maintain using advanced tools that can automate parts of the application development process.

Computers and networking technology are becoming an integral part of our living and working environment. The increasing mobility and pervasiveness of computing and communication enables new services and applications that can improve quality of work and life. However the constant change that characterize a mobile environment – e.g. network characteristics, cost, authentication mechanisms, battery and various environmental conditions – poses a significant challenge to developers. When people are moving around while using handheld networked devices, significant variability is introduced in the operating environment for the provided services. For example, communication bandwidth changes dynamically across wireless communication networks while battery power on a handheld device will be consumed faster when using wireless LAN. Various mobile devices (including mobile phones, PDAs and laptops) will be supported through out the project, and integrated with state-of-the art runtime environments and application server infrastructures, using a component framework model.

Birdstep joins a group of technically advanced members consisting of various international research institutions and universities as well as key industrial partners. The project partners include Simula Research Laboratory AS, Condat AG, Hewlett Packard Italy, Integrasys S.A., SINTEF, Technische Universtität Berlin and the University of Cyprus.

The project total value amounts to EUR 4 195 172, out of which 2 600 000 is funded from the EU. The funding received by Birdstep amounts to 234 387 EUR over 30 months starting 1.9.2004. Birdstep’s primary focus will be to provide seamless mobility solutions that permit applications to become network aware. The funding from the 6th Framework Program allows Birdstep to develop new technology components in close cooperation with leading industry and research partners.

”Uptake of advanced handsets and value-added non-voice services is growing. Intelligent applications that adapt to the network characteristics are part of the new services that operators must provide to add value to their existing offering” says Stefano Holguin, VP Marketing in Birdstep. “Technology developed through this project will provide the framework to make this possible and speed up development of new services.”

”We re proud to work with the partners in the MADAM project, and see many opportunities in the collaboration. These services can be simply extended to public cellular and WLAN access networks, as well as into the enterprise networks using the Mobile IP technology for secure seamless roaming for mobile terminals” says Dr. Haakon Bryhni in Birdstep Technology.

About Birdstep Technology
Birdstep Technology is traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE) under ticker 'BIRD’. The company has headquarters in Oslo and Seattle in addition to offices in Boston, Frankfurt, Cambridge, San Francisco and Shanghai. Birdstep’s wireless roaming and access software enables companies to build innovative solutions for embedded systems and the Mobile Internet. Birdstep makes your information accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device and on any infrastructure. Birdstep’s global customers and partners include Cisco (CSCO), 3Com (COMS), Alcatel (EPA), Ericsson (ERICY), Nortel Networks (NT), HP (HPQ), Accenture (ACN), PCTel (PCTI), Connect One and Telenor (TELN). For more information, visit

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