Insignia Rolls Out Secure System Provisioning v2 for Mobile Operators

9/21/2004 - Insignia Solutions (NASDAQ: INSG), announced Insignia Secure System Provisioning v2, a new standards-based infrastructure software product for mobile operators. Insignia is also announcing an agreement with New World Mobility, a prominent Hong Kong mobile operator, to test and deploy SSP v2 for their subscribers.

Secure System Provisioning v2 (SSP v2) is a complete mobile device management platform that leverages Insignia's service-oriented architecture to provide an open and interoperable platform for mobile operators. SSP v2 enables operators to remotely configure mobile data services as well as send firmware updates over-the-air based on a variety of mobile management services, all using a single, open standards system that works with any OMA-DM compatible phone.

Insignia SSP v2 will help New World Mobility to reduce customer care costs and roll out new mobile services faster, to a wider range of subscribers. Since its launch in August 1997, New World Mobility (NWM) has achieved remarkable successes by becoming one of Hong Kong's fastest growing mobile operators. Offering a host of quality mobile services including voice service and customized value-added services, NWM continues to introduce a series of innovative solutions in preparation for the next generation of mobile communications.

Insignia is dedicated to driving interoperability within the mobile device management community. By leveraging the Open Mobile Alliance Device Management (OMA-DM) standards, recently ratified by the OMA DM working group, Insignia SSP v2 will work with OMA-DM compatible phones, Companies that have endorsed the OMA DM standard include Nokia, Siemens, Motorola, and dozens of others.

SSP v2 is designed as an application development framework with device management at its core, enabling operators and manufacturers to deploy varieties of valuable mobile services through management of the mobile device. Examples of these mobile management applications for SSP v2 include Over-The-Air-Repair, Dynamic Capabilities, Inventory Management, Stolen Phone Data Security, Configuration of data services such as WAP, SMS, MMS and GPRS, Fault Reporting, Diagnostics, and Backup/Restore Management. SSP v2 also provides a customizable life cycle management system for new firmware update packages, enabling operators and phone manufacturers to cycle new software updates through a comprehensive qualification process very efficiently and securely.

SSP v2 is written entirely in J2EE and has a comprehensive set of web services APIs that enable virtually any function of the SSP v2 system to be called by another application in the network. This service oriented architecture and extensible approach enables mobile operators to extend SSP v2 with a variety of new device management applications as they roll out new types of services.

"Secure System Provisioning v2 provides a new interoperable mobile device management platform for the industry," said Peter Bernard, Chief Product Officer, Insignia. "The interoperability, mobile management services approach and open extensibility are hitting timely, key requirements in the market."

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Insignia provides an essential ingredient to mobile operators and terminal manufacturers by enabling mobile device management to a growing complex and diverse community of mobile devices. Insignia's products and services radically reduce customer care and recall costs, maintain device integrity, and enable a wide range of new mobile services. Founded in 1986, Insignia has a long history of innovation, stewardship of major industry standards, and the trust of dozens of manufacturers around the world. Insignia Solutions is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol INSG. The company is headquartered in Fremont, California with R&D and European operations based in the United Kingdom. For additional information about Insignia or its products please visit

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