Intoto Demonstrates AT&T CallVantage Compatible VoIP Software

9/20/2004 - Intoto, a leading provider of integrated security, wireless and voice software platforms to networking equipment manufacturers, announced that it has successfully demonstrated AT&T CallVantage compatible VoIP software at the Intel Developer Forum Fall 2004.

The complete VoIP solution features Intoto’s iGateway RGS Plus software platform running on an Intel® IXDP425 Advanced Development Platform. AT&T exhibited the AT&T CallVantageSM Service at the Intel Developer Forum and ICA summit fall 2004.

“With the combination of Intoto’s VoIP software platforms and Intel® IXP4XX network processor products, OEMs can quickly add VoIP capabilities to new systems or existing products,” said Doug Davis, vice president and general manager, Intel Network Processor Division. “This capability is fast becoming a ‘must have’ feature for networking OEMs to meet service provider requirements.”

The market for VoIP services is, by any measure, experiencing high growth and is expected to continue this growth throughout the decade. Subscribers are expected to grow to millions of VoIP subscribers in just the next four years alone. AT&T CallVantage Service, a nationwide VoIP service for consumers and Small-to-Medium Businesses (SMBs), is a leader in this market transformation.

"The reference design by Intoto with Intel will lower development costs for manufacturers and speed time to market for new VoIP devices such as telephone adapters, routers and high-speed modems that can be quickly certified to support AT&T CallVantage Service,” said Christopher Rice, director of access technologies research at AT&T Labs. “AT&T’s award-winning broadband phone service offers one of the most robust feature sets and best voice quality in the industry.”

To meet the proprietary SIP requirements of AT&T CallVantage Service, Intoto has entered into a license with AT&T wherein Intoto’s iGateway RGS Plus has also been enhanced with advanced features such as remote software upgrade and provisioning over SSL, caller ID privacy, 3-way and n-way calling, call forwarding, call waiting, voice mail, emergency services, speed dial, presence, session timeout management, DTMF relay, elaborate dial plan and digit map.

“With Intoto's iGateway RGS Plus integrated, certified and interoperable VoIP solution, OEMs can build quickly highly competitive broadband customer premises equipment for residential market", said S N Murthy, President and COO, Intoto Software, India.

Intoto’s iGateway RGS Plus software platform has been optimized for the Intel IXP425 network processor. The Intel XScale core operates at very high speeds for processing algorithms such as G.711, G.726, G.729, G.722 and G.723.1 with very low power consumption. In addition, built-in network processing engines (NPEs) support advanced “livelock prevention” for better voice quality. The IXP425 is supported by a powerful DSP software library that runs on the high speed Intel XScale® core. The DSP library includes VAD and CNG, adaptive/dynamic jitter control, multi-framing, echo cancellation, eliminating the need for separate DSP silicon. The iGateway RGS Plus software further enhances voice quality through DiffServ, traffic policing, RED/ WRED and packet scheduling algorithms. It also leverages the NPEs to provide high-performance LAN/WAN throughputs.

About iGateway RGS Plus
Intoto’s iGateway RGS Plus software platform provides a comprehensive, turn-key solution to build a complete wireless router with security and VoIP functionality. It comes with SIP-based VoIP, integrated networking protocols, stateful inspection firewall certified by ICSA Labs, 802.11 WLAN and secure access point, and an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Availability and Pricing
Intoto’s iGateway RGS Plus software platform is available now. Pricing is available upon request.

About Intoto
Intoto is the leading software Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) of integrated security, wireless and voice software platforms for networking and communications equipment. Intoto has more than 100 designs with high-volume global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) serving the residential, small business, and enterprise markets. Intoto's complete, integrated software platform solutions, which support all major hardware platforms and operating systems, enable OEMs to reduce development costs and speed time-to-market for faster return on investment and increased market share. Intoto boasts in excess of 1 million installations of its technology in U.S., European and Asia-Pacific markets. Founded in 1998, Intoto is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. More information is available at

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