Acrosser Technology Launches AR-B1665 5.25 EBX Embedded SBC

9/20/2004 - Acrosser Technology Co., Ltd. announced that the new 5.25" EBX embedded single board computer, AR-B1665 will be presented during the Global Gaming Expo, Las Vegas, in October 5-7, 2004. AR-B1665 is a graphical intensive embedded product, which perfectly matches all requirements for the ATM-machines, gaming machines and Kiosk applications.

This small form factor computer is the market trend in the gaming, Kiosk and dispensing systems. Most of these systems require an LCD; touch screen, dual display and Ethernet supports, which come standard on the AR-B1665. It also provides various peripheral devices supports, like a card reader, ticket redemption slot, or printer.

The AR-B1665 is a fan-less and all-in-one designed embedded computer board. It is compatible with PIII-3 or VIA C3 processors. The powerful graphic engine provides the excellent performance for playing 3D animation graphics, DVD and Mpeg movies. It has incredible expansibility, as there are four serial ports, six USB 2.0 ports, one integrated PCI socket, one 10/100 Ethernet port and one Mini-PCI socket for wireless networking.

The AR-B1665 utilizes a VIA CLE266 Chipset technology on board. This technology has high quality digital video streaming and DVD playback functions. It supports CRT, LCD, and dual displays. Its MPEG-2 decoding and video scaling is integral for high quality DVD playback. The integrated 128-bit 2D and 64-bit 3D graphics engine with AGP 8X is the perfect option for multimedia and gaming applications. Since this embedded computer supports DDR up to 1G memory. Project engineer can save up to 35% money in the memory cost versus using the SDRAM alternative. The AR-B1665 also has the fast ATA133 IDE slot and supports all other IDE storage device, like compact flash or disk on flash.

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