TenAsys INtime Debugger to Integrate with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

9/20/2004 - TenAsys Corporation announces their participation in the Microsoft Visual Studio Integration Program (VSIP) with the intent of providing even greater integration of their INtime real-time extension for Windows XP into the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET development toolkit. A new real-time debugger that supports fully integrated debugging of INtime real-time applications within the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET IDE is currently in development. Beta release of this debugger is scheduled for the end of this year.

In addition to providing seamless debugging of real-time and Windows applications, from a single user interface, the integration will also include process fault notifications that optionally allow one to either debug or cancel a faulted real-time process, identical to the notification and debug procedures provided by Windows today for standard Windows applications. Because INtime real-time threads execute in a protected environment, comparable to that used by standard Windows applications, real-time processes can be halted or aborted without fear of disabling the entire system.

Production release of the new standalone Spider debugger Spider is TenaSys’ new standalone real-time debugger that is available for use now with INtime v2.2 or later development kits. This debugger was included as a beta release product with the most recent INtime update (v2.22) and is available immediately, at no charge, to INtime v2.2 and later customers. Major features in the Spider debugger include: an improved GUI, full C++ support, support for real-time shared libraries (RSLs), and support for the Visual Studio 6 and 7 (.NET) file formats. Subsequent releases will support the Intel OMF object code formats and be provided to current release iRMX customers.

For more information please contact TenAsys directly at info@tenasys.com. About TenAsys and INtime INtime Real Time Extensions for Windows is a fully featured RTOS derived from iRMX. Applications written for the INtime RTOS execute with guaranteed determinism as fully-protected user-mode processes in concurrence with the Microsoft Windows operating system on standard PC hardware. Because real-time application code executes in user-mode the INtime environment is immune to application faults that crash kernel-mode driver solutions.

Using the INtime real-time extension for Windows, designers can reduce the cost of implementing computer-based control systems by utilizing x86-based PC hardware and Microsoft Windows software. INtime software combines the benefits of the Windows operating system — standard APIs, networking, user interface, and development environment — with a proven, highly reliable, real-time kernel designed for critical applications.

You can find additional news and information about INtime software and TenAsys Corporation at our website http://www.tenasys.com. TenAsys, INtime and iRMX are registered trademarks of TenAsys Corporation.

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