Brooktrout Voice Platform Enables Nurse Administration Management

9/15/2004 - Brooktrout Technology, Inc., a leading supplier of media processing and call control products, and Vocomo®, a pioneer in next-generation IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems, announced that The Sporn Group is using Vocomo’s VoiceXML system which runs on Brooktrout’s award-winning TR1000TM voice platform, in its Nurse Administration Management Environment System (NAMES). By using NAMES, nursing contractors for hospitals can eliminate intensive paper work and improve accuracy of administration allowing them to spend more time with their patients.

NAMES is a web-based tool that allows contract nursing firms to manage their talent pool and facilitate orders. The system allows clients to recruit high quality nurses worldwide, to maintain a database of skills and performance, and to manage nurse timekeeping, payroll and hospital invoices. Hospitals can interact with the system to place orders for nurses, review and approve billing and evaluate the contract nurses.

“The Sporn Group selected the Vocomo/Brooktrout solution because it worked directly with our existing web application,” said Lewis Ross, Sporn’s Director of Consulting Services. “Vocomo’s VoiceXML capabilities and standard hardware provided both ease of development and ease of use while integrating tightly with the NAMES’ web-based application. We selected the Brooktrout TR1000 voice board because it supports Caller ID and will allow our application to easily scale from the initial T1 configuration to multi-span T1 connections. The Vocomo/Brooktrout solution came in at about 30% of the cost of alternative solutions which helped to make it an easy decision!”

With NAMES, the Vocomo/Brooktrout system automates and simplifies the previously burdensome timekeeping and billing requirements. With the new system, about 5,000 nurses call an 800 number when arriving at their client facility. All client phone numbers are stored in the system’s database so when the nurse calls, the TR1000 passes the Caller ID to verify that the call came from the proper facility. If the nurse calls from someplace other than a registered facility, the system tells her to call back from the proper location. When the nurse calls from her hospital, she is time stamped into the database and the system verifies the assignment and the order number. NAMES allows the nurse to start working in minutes rather than hours.

The TR1000 allows vendors to streamline development, easily scale their applications via a unique single API design and support their products more cost-effectively than with competing speech boards. The performance and flexibility of the TR1000 allows IVR platforms to meet the current and evolving needs of advanced enterprise applications.

About The Sporn Group
The Sporn Group, Inc. provides world class IT consulting services, IT and legal staff searching and placement, and SEC approved offsite archival communities. An established firm, founded in 1989, The Sporn Group is dedicated to excellence and satisfaction.

About Vocomo® Corporation
Vocomo is a leader in next-generation Interactive Voice Response (IVR) products for the enterprise market. Vocomo is making IVR technology more affordable and accessible to customers through standards-based technology. Vocomo's next-generation IVR product line — VocomoVoice® — enables companies to easily and quickly deploy automated phone services that can improve employee productivity, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and create new revenue opportunities. VocomoVoice allows companies to extend existing or new Web applications to be accessible by any phone at the lowest total cost of ownership. Vocomo is a privately held company based in Cupertino, California. For more information please visit or call toll free 1.800.780.8626.

About Brooktrout Technology
Brooktrout Technology is a leading supplier of media processing, network interface, call control and signal processing products that enable the development of applications, systems and services for both the New NetworkTM (packet-based) and the traditional telephone (TDM) network. The Company’s strategy is to partner with its customers and collaborate closely with them to help accelerate their delivery of new applications and services, increase their existing business, and expand into new markets. For more information, visit Brooktrout Technology is a subsidiary of Brooktrout, Inc. (NASDAQ: BRKT).

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