SBS Introduces Industry's First PCI Express to PCI-X Expansion Systems

9/15/2004 - SBS Technologies (Nasdaq:SBSE) continued its role as PCI expansion market leader by introducing the first expansion systems to take advantage of the speed of PCI Express for existing PCI-X and PCI cards.

To deliver the 8x performance improvement, SBS leveraged the advantages of PCI Express technology, relieved the contention of going through a PCI bridge and used high bandwidth 4x cables to connect the host card to the expansion chassis. The full PCI Express bandwidth is available to the chassis' seven slots permitting PCI-X or PCI cards to run at full capacity.

Two versions of the expansion system are available, with each system featuring a 4x PCI Express host card, a seven slot PCI-X/PCI chassis and 5-meter cables. The PCIE-PCIX-7S system has a standard height host card and the PCIE-PCIX-7S-LP system includes a low profile host card. The PCI Express host cards are hot pluggable.

"For the first time, existing PCI-X and PCI cards can be used in a PCI Express-based system allowing large amounts of data to be transferred efficiently and at high speed," said Bill Molyneux, Vice President, I/O Products for SBS. "These new expansion systems are ideally suited for OEM designs that need long term PCI support in a rapidly changing PC world," continued Molyneux.

With seven 64-bit slots total, each system's chassis has one high throughput 133 MHz PCI-X slot, two 100 MHz PCI-X slots and four 66 MHz PCI-X slots greatly expanding the card capability of existing systems.

Price and Availability The PCIE-PCIX-7S and PCIE-PCIX-7S-LP are available now, and pricing starts as follows:

Complete Systems:


About SBS Technologies
SBS Technologies, Inc., (Nasdaq:SBSE) founded in 1986, designs and builds a wide range of standard and customized embedded computer products. Our products include processor boards, input/output modules, networking devices, and complete computer systems. Our products are used in many industries, including telecommunications, medical electronics, industrial automation and defense. Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, SBS maintains eight primary operating locations, has regional sales offices throughout the United States and has international sales and support offices in six countries. More information on SBS is available at

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