Intermec Debuts SmartSystem for ADC Implementation and Device Management

9/15/2004 - Whether configuring mobile computers, downloading updated security patches or performing routine maintenance, ADC implementation and system management take time and money. Thanks to SmartSystemTM technology by Intermec Technologies Corp., implementation and management now will take less of both.

SmartSystem by Intermec makes most of the tasks associated with ADC implementation and device management easier and faster. Beginning immediately, all new Intermec mobile computers, bar code and RFID printers, scanners, wireless access points and application software are being developed with SmartSystem technology.

SmartSystem technology provides intelligence and capabilities that allow communication between an Intermec system console and all Intermec devices on that system, including those in multiple and remote locations. The consolidated console lets you see all your devices in one place; consistent interfaces make it easy to move from one type of device to another. The system automatically configures SmartSystem-enabled ADC equipment, downloads security patches and performs routine maintenance.

Here’s how it works.
In the past, when customers purchased ADC equipment, they had a significant amount of work ahead of them after the devices arrived. Typically, customers had to configure devices one unit at a time by downloading the operating system and software application onto each mobile computer and device on the system. With SmartSystem technology, users simply turn on each device, which then connects and configures itself. A blue Ready-to-WorkTM indicator signals when the device is fully operational.

With SmartSystem technology, IT managers can add new devices to the system and configure them by remotely downloading operating system upgrades and the latest security software as each new device is turned on. No more need to pull computers offline to upgrade software. Over the life of the system, upgrades to the O/S and security can be made remotely any time to a single device, a group of devices or all SmartSystem- enabled devices on the network.

Applications typically change several times over the lifespan of a mobile computer, printer or other network device. SmartSystem technology lets customers remotely update devices with application upgrades or completely new apps, even when the devices are spread over multiple locations around the world. SmartSystem also monitors and generates reports on such things as mobile computer battery life, print head wear and media consumption. The system even can be programmed to automatically place an order for consumables when supplies drop below a pre-set amount.

“Any of these capabilities will save our customers significant time, frustration and money,” said Intermec Vice President Dick Mahany. “Together, they offer the most powerful and value-laden system of device management available today.”

Initial device setup and configuration, software maintenance, device management, and software version control are available today. Future versions of SmartSystem technology will monitor network traffic loading, VoIP channel utilization and telecom querying.

“Intermec’s SmartSystem offers so much value that we are immediately designing it into all Intermec equipment,” Mahany said. “Versions of SmartSystem will be available to bring many of its benefits to legacy Intermec customers as well. Because of its ability to save our customers time and money, we could do no less.”

About Intermec
Intermec Technologies Corp., a UNOVA Inc. (NYSE:UNA) company, is a leader in global supply chain solutions and in the development, manufacture and integration of wired and wireless automated data collection, RFID (radio frequency identification), mobile computing systems, bar code printers and label media. The company s products and services are used by customers in many industries to improve productivity, quality and responsiveness of business operations, from supply chain management and enterprise resource planning to field sales and service.

To learn more about how companies can benefit from Intermec’s technologies, contact Intermec Technologies Corp., 6001 36th Ave. West, Everett, WA 98203 USA; telephone 800-347-2636; or visit Intermec's web site at To learn more about UNOVA, visit

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