Aonix PERC VM Real-time Virtual Machine Supports AWT GUI API for Java

9/15/2004 - Aonix®, an independent global company delivering complete solutions for safety- and mission-critical applications, is pleased to announce the addition of AWT graphics support for the PERC VM, its award-winning real-time virtual machine. Already established as the leading VM for deeply embedded real-time mission-critical systems in domains such as network infrastructure, command and control, and process automation, the PERC VM extends its reliability and configurability to applications requiring graphical user interfaces including set-top boxes, in-vehicle infotainment devices, and time-critical human-machine interfaces.

AWT, the Abstract Window Toolkit as defined in Sun Microsystems’ J2SETM, provides portable programming abstractions that output graphical elements and capture graphic-oriented input such as pointer position and mouse clicks. By writing to the AWT standard, Java graphics programmers are able to develop and test the same code on a broad variety of development platforms, including Windows CE and XP, Linux, Macintosh, and Solaris. Similarly, because of the Java developer’s ability to “write once, run anywhere,” developers are able to reuse existing graphical applications for other embedded target platforms—a primary reason Aonix’s customers are requesting Java standard compatibility.

To maximize flexibility in the creation of graphical user interfaces, Aonix also offers the Eclipse standard SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit) libraries for portable embedded graphics applications. Lauded for its excellent performance and small memory footprint, SWT offers a graphics alternative for resource-constrained applications. SWT is currently available for Windows, Linux, and QNX.

Aonix AWT Beta support is available now for Linux x86, ARM, and XScale with X11 and GTK libraries. Support for other operating systems and configurations is available through a professional services porting and maintenance contract.

Shipping and Availability
The AWT and SWT libraries are available at no additional charge for existing PERC customers. For more information about the PERC platform, please visit

About Aonix
Aonix is a global independent provider of Software Engineering Development Environments with more than 20 years of experience. Our products cover Analysis and Design (AmeosTM, Software through Pictures® and Architecture Component DevelopmentTM), GUI Design (TeleUSE®) and implementation in Ada (ObjectAda®, AdaWorld®), JavaTM platform support for Embedded Systems (PERC®,JRAVENTM, JRTKTM), high-performance and certifiable Real-Time kernels (RAVENTM, SmartKernelTM) and Software-Testing. As a pioneer in current market trends such as Model Driven Architecture® (MDA), Real-Time JavaTM and in the development of safety-critical applications Aonix addresses the needs of mission- and safety-critical applications for various industries including Avionics, Space, Defense, Transportation, Telecoms, Automotive, and Industry in general. Professional training, consulting and local technical support guarantees our customers the successful development and deployment of their applications. Headquartered in San Diego, CA and Paris, France, Aonix operates sales offices throughout North America and Europe in addition to a network of international distributors. For more information, visit

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