Connect One Lowers Costs with CO110PC iChip Internet Controller

9/14/2004 - Connect OneTM announced the availability of CO110PC, its lowest-cost iChipTM Internet ControllerTM. The newest member of the iChip family is designed for price-sensitive M2M (machine-to-machine) applications, such as automatic vehicle tracking (AVL), fleet management, and utility metering, that require a high level of reliability and flexibility to access Internet Protocol (IP)-based cellular networks like GPRS and CDMA2000.

"CO110PC provides more versatility and adaptability than any other TCP/IP-enabling solution for cellular applications," said Alan Singer, Connect One's vice president of sales and marketing. "For example, it includes a 'connectivity watchdog' that monitors the network connection and automatically reconnects a device if disconnected. It also overcomes the problem of dynamic IP addresses by including automatic IP registration so that remote users can discover a node's address on the network."

"With its introduction of the CO110PC, Connect One continues its successful efforts to stay one step ahead of competitors in meeting the needs of developers who want to upgrade their previously unconnected applications to full TCP/IP capability," said Bernard Cole, site leader of, an online resource tracking the development of IP-based technology and devices. "Connect One is unique in that, since its very beginnings, it realized that the connected computing environment is going to be in a constant state of change. The market will always go to the companies that make the transition to the next 'improvement' as seamless and painless as possible."

About iChip CO110PC
CO110PC is an updateable communication peripheral chip that mediates the connection between a host device and the Internet. It works with any host processor, any operating system, and any cellular modem that supports the AT Command Set from makers like Siemens, Wavecom, and SonyEricsson. CO110PC includes flash memory to store the Internet protocols and configuration parameters, and ample SRAM to prevent packet loss. CO110PC includes 10 simultaneous TCP and UDP sockets for multitasking during an Internet session and two TCP listening sockets for acting as a server. Its 1.8v ARM7TDMI core processor runs at up to 60 MHz and includes a sleep mode for low power consumption (typically 10uA). Available in an LQFP 48-pin package, CO110PC measures 7 x 7 mm (0.275 x 0.275 in.), and operates in the industrial temperature range.

CO110PC interfaces the host device's processor via a serial connection and Connect One's AT+iTM Application Programming Interface, which provides a constant and portable implementation of the TCP/IP stack for any cellular modem. AT+i permits customers with limited Internet programming resources to quickly and easily Internet-enable their devices by writing just a few commands in their application. iChip's SerialNETTM mode eliminates any Internet programming by packetizing serial data received on-the-fly from the host device and sending it to a remote IP address.

A White Paper about Connect One's solutions for upgrading applications to work on IP networks is online at

Pricing and Availability
iChip CO110PC is available now and costs $9.75 in lots of 50,000 units. The II-EVB-400 evaluation board for CO110PC is also available and costs $175.00.

About Connect One
Connect One develops and produces chips, software, and hardware that enable manufacturers of industrial, commercial, medical and consumer devices to reduce the time, cost, complexity and risk of connecting devices to the Internet. Connect One is privately owned, with offices in Phoenix, AZ and Kfar Saba, Israel. For further information, including a list of distributors, please visit the company's Web site at or send an e-mail to iChip, Internet Controller, AT+i, and Connect One are trademarks of Connect One Ltd.

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