SpaceBridge Customers Blast Off with SB2250 Broadband Satellite Modem

9/13/2004 - SpaceBridge Semiconductor Corp. - a leader in the development of 2-way broadband satellite terminal technology - launched the SB2250 Broadband Satellite Modem, its second-generation product that will enable customers to dominate the enterprise broadband satellite terminal market in terms of function, price and availability.

SpaceBridge’s low-cost, feature-rich modem core with the software flexibility to work within any satellite broadband standard (DVB-RCS, IpoS and others), enables systems integrators to quickly and easily build multiple terminal types for a wide range of customer-specific broadband multimedia applications such as video conferencing, high-speed Internet access, and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for private businesses. Any of today's IP-based multimedia applications can be ported onto this product to fit any niche or mass-market application. The SB2250 Broadband Satellite Modem builds on SpaceBridge’s proven experience in the delivery of leading-edge, enterprise satellite terminal technology to the market.

Already, several leading satellite system providers have selected the SB2250 Broadband Modem for their satellite terminal products.

“The SB2250 Broadband Modem is well positioned to capture a large portion of the global broadband terminal market, and to help our customers entrench themselves within the high-growth enterprise and consumer markets, ahead of the competition,” said Avedis Menechian, President and CEO, SpaceBridge. “We’re thrilled to be the first to provide a complete solution that directly addresses the critical challenges facing our industry today.”

A key advantage of the SB2250 Broadband Modem, already poised to become the de facto standard for DVBRCS based broadband satellite systems, is that the product was also designed to be “standards” independent. “Not only does it jump our competitors in terms of speed, features, and price,” added Menechian, “it can also form the basis for a terminal that will operate in any broadband satellite network – including DVB-RCS, SkyPlex, and IPOS.”

SpaceBridge is a fabless semiconductor company, providing chips, software and module solutions to the Satellite Broadband/Interactive TV (iTV) market. The company’s vision is to be the dominant provider of broadband satellite terminal modem technology solutions to enterprise and consumer satellite system suppliers around the world.

SpaceBridge, in cooperation with STMicroelectronics and with the backing of the European Space Agency is developing the terminal technology solutions to ensure that the home and enterprise satellite modem products will directly solve the main issues driving the profitable offering by ISP’s of satellite-provisioned broadband services – through development of the advanced demodulator ASICs (DVB S2 standard) and through our experience in modulator and system design for the Return Path – SpaceBridge’s market advantage. Please visit for more details.

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