Kontron Controls Digital Displays Directly with ADD LVDS Card

9/13/2004 - With Kontron's new ADD (AGP Digital Display) LVDS card, industrial LVDS digital displays can be controlled directly - without the need for cumbersome analog-to-digital conversion or the associated loss of quality. The ADD LVDS card supports the two LVDS standards OpenLDI and SPWG and also provides a maximum resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels and 24-bit true color.

Intel's ADD card standard enables use of the ADD LVDS card with Intel-based integrated chipsets. For this, DVO signals from the integrated-graphics chipset are used via the AGP slot. Kontron's ADD LVDS card supports all boards that have appropriate chipsets and AGP slots, including Kontron's ATX, FlexATX, MicroATX and Mini-ITX boards.

If required, Kontron can also adapt displays - a service that is particularly attractive for many OEMs and systems integrators. In many cases, flat panel manufacturers provide no or very limited hardware and software support for EDID implementation in flat panel controllers because the EDID standard only applies to the finished IPCs and monitors, including housings, produced in the next value-added step.

CRT and video out as well as Kontron's JILI interface are available on the ADD card as options.

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