e-SIM Rolls Out Cost-Effective MMI Solution 2.0 for Mobile Handsets

9/13/2004 - e-SIM Ltd. (OTCBB: ESIM.OB), a leading provider of mobile handset Man Machine Interface (MMI) solutions, announced the release of its new advanced MMI Solution version 2.0 software.

With its latest 2.0 release, e-SIMís MMI Solution offers a low-cost alternative to high-end commercial operating systems. Requiring significantly lower memory and processing resources, e-SIMís MMI Solution is easily portable to any platform, and provides a single solution for most handset tiers, from low to high-end feature phones, and for any communication protocol.

e-SIM provides platform and device manufacturers a complete end-to-end MMI software technology solution containing the essential components, tools, and services required to develop mobile handsets with superior MMIs quickly, cost-effectively, and at low risk.

e-SIMís MMI Solution includes an innovative and completely customizable MMI framework, a reference application with data-driven menus, layouts, and graphics. Accompanying the MMI reference application are easy to use RapidPLUSTM development and customization tools. e-SIMís MMI Solution also includes comprehensive documentation, training, and professional services to ensure project success.

e-SIMís MMI Solution is pre-integrated with 3rd party applications, such as MMS clients, Mobile Internet Browsers, game engines, voice recognition engines, predictive text technologies, and camera drivers.

Several novel e-SIM UI concepts such as a context sensitive ďAction BarĒ, auto-zoom lists, auto-scroll marquee text expansion for messages and other long texts, cascading menus, and mixed-input forms are included in the MMI software application suite. These innovations improve usability and provide a sleek, professional look and feel to the application.

e-SIMís MMI Version 2.0 reference application is easily customizable, modular, and scalable. The MMI Solution enables the creation of several handset models based on a single source, providing the infrastructure for easy product segmentation, scalability, and expandability.

The MMI is integrated with several leading wireless platforms such as Texas Instrumentsí Calypso. The capability of integrating with a number of diverse platforms is based on e-SIMís advanced architecture, which allows it to be easily ported to any new hardware and software environment.

RapidPLUSTM, e-SIMís full-powered MMI development tool, and high-level, user-friendly, customization tools empower manufacturers as well as carriers to easily customize and brand their handsets. Infrastructure is provided for elements such as graphics and animations, menu hierarchies, multiple language text strings, and screen layouts for download over-the-air and dynamic installation into the handset.

e-SIMís MMI Solution has the capacity to automatically create and run regression tests on the MMI prototype at the PC level before downloading the code to the target handset, thus saving 80% in testing time, identifying problems and bugs early, and resolving them easily.

More than 25 leading manufacturers are currently benefiting from e-SIMís MMI Solution, and several million handsets on the market today enjoy the advantages of e-SIMís advanced MMI technology.

About e-SIM Ltd.
Founded in 1990, e-SIM Ltd. (http://www.e-sim.com/) is a major provider of MMI (Man-Machine Interface) solutions for wireless and other electronic products. A wide range of wireless handset manufacturers and platform vendors, including Motorola, NEC, Kyocera, BenQ, Ericsson Mobile Platforms, and others use e-SIMís MMI solutions, which have been incorporated into millions of handsets on the market.

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