Atomikos Releases TransactionsJTA 1.4 for Automated Exception Handling

9/10/2004 - Atomikos produces software that automates error recovery both during online operation and after a crash or restart. The resulting applications are both simpler and more robust, resulting in cheaper and more reliable software for the customers.

Atomikos has been developing transaction management software (or 'reliability software' as they sometimes call it) for years and supplies products and services to some of the world's leading EAI and EII vendors. Their products and expertise help to ensure that mission-critical information stays up-to-date and remains self-consistent.

"It is amazing how many people still leave error handling up to the application programmers or, even worse, to human administrators who are supposed to clean up data after an error happened" says Guy Pardon, CTO at Atomikos.

"The consequences are far-reaching in both cases: custom error coding means up to twice as much code that could have been left out. By using and/or integrating a well-tested product such as ours, our customers can speed up development while at the same time ending up with an improved product. The human administrator alternative is even worse, since sometimes it is impossible to tell what kind of correction is appropriate. This is because human administrators don't get the errors as they happen but rather afterwards -- when it is too late and the needed context is lost."

Atomikos' TransactionsJTA is a solution that allows Java applications (J2SE and J2EE) to be made reliable in this area. According to Guy Pardon: "Atomikos' JTA software manages transactions across JDBC (and JMS) connections. Previous releases of the product depended on databases being able to support the notorious XA protocol (a standard protocol that allows databases to function reliably in a distributed environment). In contrast, for our release 1.40 we have also included support for popular databases such as MySQL and other, non-XA capable databases. This means that our software can now also be used on projects that use lower-end databases without requiring full enterprise-level capabilities."

Aren't XA databases essential for reliable transactions? "As long as only one database is used at a time (which is the case for the large majority of applications), this new feature will perform just as reliably. Of course we still support XA more than ever. It's just that some people don't have the database for it."

The Greek word 'atomikos' means atomic (in the sense of all-or-nothing), referring to this essential property of reliable eBusiness. Atomikos technology can easily automate exception handling by canceling all inappropriately performed steps of a failing or failed task. You can ask Atomikos to help your new integration projects succeed or to review your existing projects for reliability. Or you can just download and use their software. The software is free for developers, and pay-per-use for production.

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