eSOL PrKERNELv4 Multitasking Kernel Supports Altera's Nios II Processor

9/9/2004 - eSOL, a proven developer of real-time embedded software solutions, announced that its leading multitasking kernel, PrKERNELv4®, is now available for Altera's Nios II® soft-core embedded processor. PrKERNELv4 is a compact preemptive kernel suited for real-time embedded applications and offers a rich set of more than 120 system calls. PrKERNELv4 supports leading 32-bit embedded microprocessors and has been adopted in many types of embedded systems applications from industrial automation to consumer electronics.

eSOL's unique support for the Nios II processor is the first commercially available real-time operating system that has been pre-integrated seamlessly with the Nios II integrated development environment (IDE) and the hardware abstraction layer (HAL) from Altera. The Nios II IDE is based on the Eclipse project as a standard integrated development environment for its open architecture and ease of integration features through add-on packages. Altera also offers the Nios II HAL in its development kit to simplify the process of creating a Board Support Package. The HAL eliminates board support package (BSP) and real time operating system (RTOS) dependence on different versions of the FPGA and Nios II soft cores. The significance of PrKERNELv4 supporting the Nios II HAL and Eclipse means that Nios II developers can leverage pre-developed low-level integration and can immediately work on high level applications without being bogged down with typical BSP hassles.

"The right kernel used with the right development tools for the right processor and FGPA is what our customers are looking for. Our RTOS solution adds value by supporting the CPU as well as the full development platform," said Tomoyuki Uda, managing director at eSOL, Inc. "This is the result of eSOL working very closely with Altera with a customer-oriented attitude….. to identify what a real solution means from the customers' perspective. Economically and technically, our solutions make sense."

"By adding support for the Nios II processor, eSOL has extended the choice of RTOS solutions for over 14,000 Nios development kit users worldwide," said Craig Lytle, vice president of Altera's intellectual property business unit. "The integration of PrKERNELv4 as a plug-in within the Nios II IDE dramatically simplifies RTOS-based software development, and demonstrates the flexible nature of our Eclipse-based development tool."

The company also announced that it is currently porting the PrCONNECT2® TCP/IP protocol stack with an embedded web server to the Nios II platform on the CycloneTM FPGA development kit. The official release is expected in the fourth quarter of this year. The initial release will include an IPv4-based TCP/IP protocol stack with direct support for the SMC91c111 Ethernet driver in the Cyclone development kit. A dual stack TCP/IP solution with support for IPv4 and IPv6 will be available in the first half of 2005.

Pricing and Availability
PrKERNELv4 for the Nios II processor is now available with full source code. Support for Altera's Nios II IDE and HAL is included.

About eSOL
eSOL develops, markets and sells Real Time Operating System (RTOS) suites and integrated development environments for leading 32-bit embedded microprocessors and microcontrollers. Founded in 1975 in Tokyo, Japan with offices nationwide, a subsidiary in the United States, and distribution through a worldwide network, eSOL is the leading provider of total engineering solutions, advanced development tools and real time software for embedded systems. From its foundation, the company has served varied industries in the embedded systems arena, from industrial automation to consumer electronics, and licensed software to hundreds of customers. Over the years, the company has earned market credibility and is seen as experts in the embedded solutions arena. The company's motto is "e"nabling, "e"mbedded, and "e"ngineering SOLutions.

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