LynxOS RTOS Powers Acutronic's Advanced Motion Control System

9/9/2004 - LynuxWorksTM Inc. announced that Acutronic has selected LynuxWorks' LynxOS® RTOS (real-time operating system) for the Acutrol 3000, a multi-axis digital servo controller.

The Acutrol 3000 provides real-time, calibrated motion control for the highest degree of accuracy and precision in developing and testing next-generation inertial navigation and guidance systems for aerospace and defense industries. Other applications include down-hole oil well-drilling guidance head-testing and sensor testing for the automotive industry. The Acutrol 3000 has also been incorporated into "HardWare In the Loop" applications for the design, development and testing of seekers/sensors in R&D and production complexes.

LynxOS was selected by Acutronic for its hard real-time determinism to ensure state-of-the-art reliability and accuracy for mission-critical test and simulation systems.

The Acutrol control system is designed to deliver a long-term solution for existing and future test systems. The newly released Acutrol 3000 delivers a highly reliable, low-cost testing solution with "backward compatibility" and asynchronous interfacing for real-time HWIL computers using event-driven time tags. LynuxWorks' LynxOS RTOS enables real-time data transfer between a host simulation computer and the motion system instrumentation. In addition, LynxOS provides Acutronic a POSIX®-conformant RTOS to ensure seamless interoperability and portability when developing its future digital motion-control systems.

With more than 16 years of RTOS industry experience, LynuxWorks combines hard real-time embedded technology with broad conformance to open standards such as Linux®, POSIX and UNIX® to enable developers to build products that meet the most stringent requirements for real-time mission-critical applications, while at the same time take advantage of the time-to-market and investment-protection benefits of open standards-based development.

POSIX, or Portable Operating System Interface, is a worldwide-accepted open operating interface standard that is produced by IEEE and recognized by standards organizations, ISO and ANSI. Support of the POSIX open standard is increasingly being mandated for commercial applications and government contracts, for example, because it assures application portability, software reuse and interoperability between embedded systems, decreasing the time and costs in ensuring security in the design process.

"We chose LynuxWorks' operating system because of its reliability, deterministic nature and robustness for supporting real-time applications in mission critical testing of navigation and guidance systems," said Dennis Whitehead, director of marketing for Acutronic.

"Our commitment to open standards has spanned more than a decade and extends throughout our entire product line, allowing our customers to take advantage of critical success factors such as portability, interoperability and a reduced time to market," said Bob Morris, vice president, sales and marketing for LynuxWorks. "Our solution delivers mission-critical, hard real-time behavior with strict systems reliability for uncompromising performance in a range of demanding environments."

About LynuxWorks
LynuxWorks is a world leader in the embedded software market, providing operating systems, software development products and consulting services for the world's most successful communications, aerospace/defense, and consumer products companies. Established in 1988, the company is a technology leader in the real-time operating systems (RTOS) industry, and a founding member of the Embedded Linux Consortium (ELC). LynuxWorks' headquarters are located in San Josť, California.

About Acutronic
Acutronic test and simulation instruments support the commercial and defense industries with an attractive selection of products ranging from single-axis rate and positioning tables to five-axis HWIL simulation systems. Acutronic has more than 30 years experience designing and maintaining motion simulators of all types and origins. Visit Acutronic at

LynuxWorks is a trademark and LynxOS and BlueCat are registered trademarks of LynuxWorks, Inc. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.

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