Arcobel Rolls Out Panel PCs in Stainless Steel and Aluminum

9/8/2004 - Arcobel Embedded Solutions announced 12.1" - 19" Panel PC in stainless steel & aluminum. Like all other product from MPL AG comes the PANEL-PIP without a fan or air vents. The product is flexible and expandable for basically any customer needs and requirements.

The base of the new Panel PC solution, is the proven and widely used Packaged Industrial-PC family (PIP) from MPL. The PANEL-PIP range is available in stainless steel as well as in an Aluminum housing (internally chromium plated and externally powder coated).

From various display sizes 12,1" up to 19" with excellent optical specifications (up to 300 cd/m" and a view angle of up to 89°) can be chosen. A wide selection of different CPU’s with lowest power consumption (e.g. 5x86 – 133MHz up to Pentium III 933Mhz with 3D-Graphik, 4 x AGP) are available. The used 3D Graphic chip supports also 2 displays simultaneously with different images and applications.

The LCD is mounted behind a antiglare and protective glass or Touch. The complete Panel PC is independent of the housing material selection (stainless steel or Aluminum) all around IP65 / NEMA4 protected and therefore fanless and noiseless.

Depending on the customer requirement, all on the board available interface can be accessed externally. (Keyboard, Mouse, 4 x seriell, Parallel, USB, LAN, SCSI/Firewire, CAN, CRT/TFT for a 2nd. display). Further can the PANEL-PIP internally expanded via the PC/104, PC/104-Plus (e.g. WLAN, GPS...).

The units can be mounted over a standard VESA100 on the wall, on a swivel arm or a socket. Typical application for this unique Panel–PC family are in medicine, Marine, food industry as well as in any industrial or mobile (car, bus, train) where quality is a key issue.

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