Oki Offers Free Web-based Evaluation of Advantage Microcontrollers

9/3/2004 - Oki Semiconductor, a leading technology partner for the new era of digital communications and convergence, announced a collaborative effort with Nu Horizons Electronics Corp. and ARM to provide a virtual lab environment that will enable customers to easily evaluate its ARM® core-based 32-bit Advantage MicrocontrollersTM using the ARM RealView® Developer Kit for Oki. The announcement reaffirms Oki's ongoing commitment to provide tools and development support to customers making the transition from proprietary 16- and 32-bit MCUs to Oki's ARM core-based 32-bit MCU products. It also marks another step in Oki's efforts to provide designers with embedded solutions to beat their time to market goals.

The free web-based evaluation of Oki's ML674K and ML675K Advantage Microcontrollers and the ARM RealView Developer Kit for Oki is available via TechOnLine's VirtuaLab. The VirtuaLab will allow customers to evaluate sample code and device functionality. It will also allow users to upload and compile their own code to do an online emulation without having a physical evaluation board or resident tool set. Oki Semiconductor will provide technical support for the VirtuaLab.

TechOnLine's VirtuaLab allows designers to evaluate hardware and software tools via a Web browser by providing them with information, training, and resources to help them make informed design and purchasing decisions. Driver source code is available to designers who use the VirtuaLab to evaluate Oki's Advantage Microcontrollers giving them the ability to test all of the peripherals on the MCU via the Internet. No initial investment on the part of the customer is required.

Commenting on the use of VirtuaLab by designers, David Pelavin, director of marketing, Oki Semiconductor, said, "TechOnLine's VirtuaLab is a value-added approach that will enable design engineers to immediately test drive our Advantage Microcontroller products, tools and software without having to wait for a physical evaluation board to be delivered. Oki's goal is to make it easy for engineers to try our ARM core-based MCU products. This is part of our strategy to provide designers with methods to shorten their product design cycles with minimum risk."

Use of the VirtuaLab to test Oki's MCU products is easy and available 24/7. All the designer has to do is access TechOnLine's online VirtuaLab, and schedule an hour time slot. Once a lab session has been scheduled, customers can then upload their code during their session and begin emulation. In addition, when a customer's session ends or time expires, they can begin their next session exactly at the point where they ended their previous session. In addition, FAEs from Oki and Nu Horizons will be available to provide customers with assistance and technical support in setting up Oki's virtual evaluation board, and answer user questions.

"Nu Horizons and Oki have looked closely at the challenge of limited resources, tight schedules, and dramatic learning curves in designing with today's technologies," said Steve Erck, director of technical marketing, Nu Horizons Electronics Corp. "We are always looking for cutting edge ways to provide our customers with time to market advantages. Evaluating Oki's Advantage Microcontroller technology via TechOnLine's VirtuaLab provides the design engineer with a time saving, innovative and zero-cost solution." To schedule time to evaluate any one of Oki's Advantage Microcontrollers on TechOnLine's VirtuaLab go to: http://www.okisemi.com/us/techonline.

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