Concurrent Offers Ada Programming on RedHawk Linux for Embedded Systems

9/3/2004 - Concurrent Computer Corporation (NASDAQ: CCUR), Integrated Solutions Division (ISD), announced the availability of its powerful MAXAdaTM program development environment on its iHawkTM Intel® Xeon®-based multiprocessor systems powered by RedHawkTM Linux. Originally commissioned by the U.S. Department of Defense, the Ada software development environment including the Ada programming language was designed for mission-critical environments including embedded systems for avionics (commercial and military), air traffic control systems, simulation and missile systems. Concurrent’s MAXAda is an integrated set of development tools for the production of Ada 95 applications. Based on certified technology, MAXAda includes an optimized compiler, library management tools, an Ada run-time system and a complete set of utilities.

MAXAda is the ideal language environment for the development of robust, mission-critical solutions for simulation and training, data acquisition and other applications; and the MAXAda compiler maximizes run-time efficiency using multiple levels of optimized code generation. MAXAda for RedHawk Linux was recently purchased by The Boeing Company for use in C-17 aircraft simulation.

The MAXAda program development environment takes full advantage of Concurrent’s RedHawk Linux real-time enhanced operating system, which provides the guaranteed response, optimized interprocess communication and high I/O throughput needed for time-critical applications. RedHawk Linux, compatible with the popular Red Hat distribution, has gained acceptance as a leading real-time Linux operating system for high-performance applications by customers throughout the world. RedHawk Linux guarantees that a user application can respond to an external event in less than 30 microseconds on a dedicated processor.

“Concurrent’s long-range product strategy includes delivering the tools needed for generating production-quality Ada solutions. MAXAda has long been popular with customers developing real-time applications on our VME-based platforms,” said Don Bauer, vice president of Worldwide Sales and Service, Concurrent Integrated Solutions Division. “With this introduction, users of our iHawk PCI multiprocessors running RedHawk Linux now have access to a proven, robust Ada development environment.”

MAXAda developers can debug their applications using NightViewTM, Concurrent’s powerful industry- leading Linux source-level debugger. NightView allows users to simultaneously debug multiple real-time processes and threads, and provides the ability to change program execution and modify or retrieve data without stopping or interrupting the program. Breakpoints, watchpoints and data monitorpoints are automatically patched into an application and execute at full application speed without effecting real-time deadlines.

MAXAda supports the Ada language as specified by the Ada 95 Reference Manual, ANSI/ISO/IEC-8652:1995. MAXAda also includes packages defined in Ada 95 Annex A: Predefined Language Environment, B: Interface to Other Languages, C: Systems Programming, and D: Real-time Systems, and selected bindings (POSIX.1,POSIX.5, timers, sockets, real-time services, X/Motif).

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