Infocube Turns 3D Phone into Reality

9/2/2004 - Infocube announced at the Visiongain conference on the future phone devices that the full 3D phone is now a reality.

Speaking at the event Dr Gordon Ross, founder of Infocube said, “Finally the mobile phone devices have matured to a stage where full 3D interaction is practical. Now the screens are of the right resolution, the onboard memory is sufficient and the joystick control has evolved to make 3D interaction on the phone not just practical but enjoyable. We have now moved to the third generation of mobile handset, that is more than adequate for 2.5G and 3G networks. Now not just rich content but rich content and effective navigation can be delivered to mobile devices making them full infotainment devices.”

Mobile operators at last have something to encourage users upgrade to smarter phones, not over an extended period but possibly in the space of a few short years. The advantages of a true 3D interface are so significant once users see them demonstrated they will demand them. Like black and white TV once colour was introduced, no one will want to put up with a flat 2D experience when even today’s phones support full 3D interaction and over the air contact and software delivery.

Said Ross, “We think handset manufacturers and mobile operators have significantly underestimated what existing handsets are capable of delivering. Some are spending millions on research and development on future phones when there already exist full 3D interactive experiences on mobile devices ready to be deployed for this Christmas. The future phone has now arrived and it is a device with a 3D interface.

Visiongains 2004 conference on future devices is at the London Marriott Hotel in Kensington Infocube announced their fill ICE 2.0 (information, communication and entertainment phone) at the Visiongain Mobile Content 2004 event in June 2004. ICE runs on both Symbian and Windows mobile phones and delivers a consistent experience for both Operating Systems.

In July 2004 Infocube announced ICELITE 2.0 with all the functionality and 3D interaction of ICE, but a lightweight version that runs on any Symbian/Nokia series 60 mobile phone.

Infocube are inventors of the 3D interface for both WEB and mobile phone and are working on Linux and Flash versions for both ICE and ICELITE. is part of the (Distributed Computing Solutions Limited), a specialist new media and systems integration consultancy that has undertaken major programmes of work for a number of European-based Multinationals. With a particular emphasis on network-centric content opportunities staff at DCS have helped deliver some of the most advanced and cost-effective new media solutions in the UK and mainland Europe. When these consulting and research activities identified a major gap for more user friendly interactive-content solutions for Internet and Mobile Phone and Digital TV work was started on a next-generation user interface with the power, functionality and simplicity needed for a ubiquitous user experience across different delivery channels. The resulting successful software developments are protected by Copyright and by a number of Patent Applications and Grants.

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