Acoustic Technologies' SoundClear Powers Siemens' Bluetooth Car Kits

8/30/2004 - Acoustic Technologies, a leading developer of high quality communication solutions for voice telephony, announced that Siemens VDO Trading GmbH will use Acoustic's SoundClear® ATS5500 software in its VDO Dayton CIX 3000 Blue Bluetooth hands-free automotive installation kit for retrofitting. The SoundClear software improves voice clarity, full-duplex operation, and speaker volume, enabling natural flowing communication for hands-free operation. The unique SoundClear software includes extensive intellectual property for dramatically improved hands-free performance. Siemens VDO Trading, a major global automotive aftermarket company, made this choice in response to its customers' and overall market demands for higher performance and improved speech intelligibility in Bluetooth hands-free products.

As legislation and safety concerns are leading to more frequent use of hands-free devices while driving, consumers are demanding products that solve the problem of poor sound quality, choppy conversation, and intrusive background noises that are caused by the echoes and harsh noise found in automotive environments. SoundClear software enables natural conversation and solves these problems. The VDO Dayton CIX 3000 Blue is a Bluetooth hands-free terminal that allows drivers to make telephone calls safely and comfortably from their cars, without having to place their mobile telephones in the hands-free cradle. The mobile telephone can even be connected to the VDO Dayton navigation systems, through the Bluetooth hands-free kit and the new CI 3000 Communication Interface module. Then, all data from the mobile phone's display is shown on the navigation screen, and the telephone functions can be operated via the remote control.

"VDO Dayton is committed to providing consumers with high-quality products. We are excited to offer SoundClear full-duplex software in our CIX 3000 Blue terminal to enable very natural sounding voice quality," said Ralf Oberländer, Senior Product Manager Navigation/Multimedia at Siemens VDO. "SoundClear software enables state-of-the-art algorithms to cancel echo, reduce noise, and enhance speech, which allow us to provide best-in-class Bluetooth hands-free devices with a pleasant user experience."

"VDO Dayton has very high quality automotive solutions for Bluetooth connectivity. The integration of SoundClear raises the benchmark for voice quality making the CIX 3000 Blue an ideal solution for consumers seeking high-end hands-free performance," said Sam Thomasson, Acoustic Technologies CEO. "SoundClear software enables natural-flowing hands-free operation that will help increase speech intelligibility in the challenging automotive environment so that drivers can keep their hands on the steering wheel. Acoustic Technologies is proud to work with Siemens VDO to enable the highest voice quality for their Bluetooth hands-free car kits."

SoundClear optimizes speech intelligibility in hands-free applications with full-duplex control that adaptively monitors, detects, and processes incoming voice, echo, and noise signal power levels. Full-duplex operation eliminates the misunderstanding that comes from syllable or word clipping. Dramatic improvements in sound quality are achieved through a combination of patented techniques. ATS5500 provides a combination of echo cancellation, bi-directional noise reduction, and sound enhancement along with sophisticated monitoring and control algorithms.

The SoundClear software enables natural communication flow, just like a face-to-face conversation. SoundClear software will be available on the VDO Dayton CIX 3000 Blue hands-free car terminal, which is now in production and will be available in stores soon.

About Acoustic Technologies
Acoustic Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Mesa, Arizona. Acoustic Technologies creates high-quality semiconductor and software solutions for leading telecom manufacturers worldwide. The SoundClear® brand of patented full-duplex communication and echo cancellation solutions is enabling significant advancements in telecommunications voice quality. SoundClear provides natural bi-directional communication in business speakerphones, mobile phones, VoIP telephones, hands-free car kits, Bluetooth accessories, and other speakerphone enabled products. For additional information, the company can be reached directly at (480) 507-4376, or via the Internet at

SoundClear is a registered trademark of Acoustic Technologies Inc.

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