Elpida Memory Selects IDT DDR2 Register and Phase-Locked Loop Chipset

8/26/2004 - Demonstrating its continued support for DDR2 dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs), IDT (Integrated Device Technology, Inc.; Nasdaq: IDTI) announced that Elpida Memory, Inc. (Elpida) has selected the IDT DDR2 register and phase-locked loop (PLL) chip set for its 512 Mbit-based 2-Gbyte DDR2 registered DIMMs. According to Elpida, its 2-Gbyte DDR2 registered modules are high-density products available for the server market and offer high-speed performance with a data transfer rate of 4.3 Gbytes/sec (PC2-4300). The IDT DDR2 register and PLL chip set buffers clock, address and command signals on registered DIMMs for the server workstation market. IDT was the first company to introduce a complete DDR2 register and PLL chip set in November 2002.

“IDT has brought to market a JEDEC-compliant DDR2 register and PLL chip set that meets and exceeds the stringent requirements of the DIMM market, including time-to-market constraints,” said Takayuki Watanabe, executive manager with the Elpida module design group. “Among many of the qualities we look for in our IC vendors are superior customer service and high-quality parts that will help us get our products to market in a timely manner. IDT helped us to satisfy these challenges, and we are pleased to have selected them for our 2-Gbyte modules, which have been well received by the industry to date.”

“This design win is proof of our core competencies in developing value-added devices, such as the IDT DDR2 DIMM support products,” said Kavita Hegde, strategic marketing manager with the IDT DIMM support products group. “The availability of Elpida’s 2-Gbyte modules is a significant achievement, and we are pleased to have been selected for this project.”

Elpida 2-Gbyte DDR2 DIMM Features
The Elpida 2-Gbyte DDR2 DIMM products, part numbers EBE21RD4ABHA-xx, incorporate Elpida's newly developed stacked FBGA (sFBGA) technology to create a slim module that increases air-flow space between modules, thus improving thermal performance and reliability for server applications. The new DIMMs are based on the company’s 512 Mbit DDR2 SDRAM devices that operate up to 533 Mbps. They are organized as 256M words x 72-bits x 2 ranks, and contain thirty-six 0.11-micron devices. The devices have a CAS latency (CL) of 3, 4, 5 with a burst length of 4 or 8. These standard 240-pin DIMMs have a JEDEC-compliant outline and support Error Checking and Correction (ECC) necessary for high-end server applications. The modules also offer 1.8-volt operation — one half the power consumption of DDR.

IDT DDR2 DIMM Support Products
IDT is a leading provider of timing and logic solutions and leverages its core competencies in developing an array of products for the DIMM market. The IDT DDR2 chip set includes a register that drives address signals and supports 1:1 (25 bits) and 1:2 (14 bits) configurations, allowing designers to work with a single device for multiple DIMM configurations. The chip set is also comprised of a 1:10 PLL clock driver used for synchronization of input clock signals from the system motherboard to all SDRAMs on the DIMM. The devices target registered DDR2 DIMMs that address the memory needs of growing market areas such as servers, workstations and communication devices.

About IDT
IDT is a global leader in preemptive semiconductor solutions that accelerate packet processing for advanced network services. IDT serves communications equipment vendors by applying its advanced hardware and software technologies to create flexible, highly integrated solutions that enhance the functionality and processing of network equipment. IDT accelerates intelligent packet processing with products such as switching solutions, network search engines (NSEs), programmable content inspection engines (CIEs), flow-control management (FCM) ICs and its family of InterpriseTM integrated communications processors. The portfolio also comprises products optimized for communications applications, including telecom products, FIFOs, multi-ports, and timing solutions. In addition, the product mix includes high-performance digital logic and high-speed SRAMs to meet the requirements of leading communications companies.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., the company employs approximately 3,100 people worldwide and has a wafer manufacturing facility in Oregon, and test and assembly facilities in the Philippines and Malaysia. IDT stock is traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market® under the symbol “IDTI.” The company is included in the S&P 1000, which is a combination of the S&P MidCap 400 and S&P SmallCap 600 Indices, and is also part of the S&P SuperComposite 1500, which combines the S&P 500, MidCap 400, and SmallCap 600. Additional information about IDT is accessible at www.IDT.com.

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