HEM Data Debuts DAWN 2.0 for Acquiring Data from In-Vehicle Network

8/25/2004 - HEM Data Corporation is announcing the release of DAWNTM version 2.0, a complete PC-based software and hardware system to acquire data from an in-vehicle network. This is valuable to automotive personnel because the in-vehicle network contains a wealth of engineering data to analyze the vehicle's performance. DAWN is a versatile tool that is designed to acquire data from networks conforming to both CAN and J1850 standards.

DAWN not only acquires data from the vehicle's sensors via the network, but also allows the user to add his sensors to acquire this information directly with A/D hardware. The data from both the network and A/D are acquired simultaneously. As this data is acquired, DAWN will display the data in real-time as a Y-T or X-Y plot, as a stripchart, or as a meter (digital, analog or bar). Up to 64 channels of data (parameters) can be overplotted on one graph, and up to 100 graphs can be displayed on one page (screen). The user has the ability to define 8 independently configured display pages to quickly see the data he wants. Advanced versions of DAWN will analyze the data in the time and frequency domain, making it ideal for advanced vehicle analysis, pass/fail testing, vibration testing, monitoring and diagnostics.

DAWN integrates HEM Data's Snap-MasterTM data acquisition and analysis software with various hardware options including an external box, PCMCIA card, or a plug-in PCI card. This makes DAWN ideal for in-vehicle or laboratory testing. DAWN works with hardware from Cubic Systems and National Instruments. Cubic Systems hardware works with both CAN and J1850 protocols, while the National Instruments hardware focuses on CAN. Snap-Master also works with over 250 models of A/D hardware including those manufactured by Dataq, Measurement Computing, Keithley, National Instruments and IOtech. Snap-Master supports digital I/O, analog output, and counter/timer functions. Snap-Master is also ideal for post processing of data.

DAWN is targeted to work with every major car and truck manufacturer and their suppliers. Data can be acquired from the vehicle or from a subsystem on a test bench. DAWN also acquires data directly from sensors that output CAN data such as a GPS unit and a data logger from Corrsys-Datron, and from industrial networks. A message monitoring mode is available in addition to acquiring data in engineering units.

A major benefit of DAWN is that it unburdens the user from working with raw hexadecimal messages, and makes it easy to acquire data by specifying specific parameter names, such as "Engine RPM" or "ABS Telltale". DAWN handles the conversion of the network messages to parameters with a built-in database which automatically configures the communication with the vehicle network. This allows the user to quickly select a specific parameter by name and see the data displayed in engineering units.

DAWN works with any Pentium 1 PC or higher with Microsoft Windows® XP/2000/NT.

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