Amulet Debuts Compact Display Module for Embedded Electronic Systems

8/24/2004 - Amulet Technologies, inventor of the Graphical Operating System in Silicon, announces the company's new compact display module that supports a production-ready graphical user interface for a wide range of hand-held devices and embedded electronic systems with small form factors.

Creating attractive, intuitive user interfaces for hand-held devices becomes easier with Amulet's 3.8-inch GUI module as software development time is reduced by as much as 95 percent compared with competing options. Rich content for control screens is easily developed to support enhanced interaction between the user and the application using the Graphical Operating System in Silicon and widely available Web-authoring tools.

"Amulet's technology presents a major opportunity for embedded mobile system developers," said Gerry Purdy, principal analyst at MobileTrax market research. "Developers in the embedded mobile device market have been using a catch-as-catch-can approach to developing user interfaces. What Amulet does is systemize this part of the market place. The cleverness of the graphics library and the firmware enables faster-time-to-market as a benefit, leaving system designers to devote more time to critical areas such as lower power operation and other aspects that enhance product definition."

The benefits of Amulet's solution for small form factor devices extend beyond technical merits and support corporate goals in building brand affinity through enhanced user interaction. Perceived value is also improved by refreshing the look-and-feel of existing products.

"As the level of hand-held and small form factor applications on the market increases, the need for a more interactive and robust user interface becomes crucial," said Ken Klask, president of Amulet Technologies. "The 3.8-inch display module provides companies with the opportunity to effortlessly integrate rich and differentiating user-interaction features into markets where competition is challenging and time-to-market is crucial."

The display's controller board is 25 percent smaller than Amulet's previous 3.8-inch display line, allowing for trouble-free integration into small hand-held systems for a wide range of consumer and industrial electronic products. The module is equipped with more memory to allow greater GUI page storage, features a richer display and a more robust touch panel than previous 3.8-inch displays from Amulet. The display is available in either a transflective or transmissive option to extend the module's versatility to either outdoor or night time conditions. The Amulet MK-GT380x 3.8-inch LCD Smart GUI Module is available as both a starter kit and for production volumes.

"Amulet provided us with a way to quickly develop and test a user interface for our home server product," said James Martin, CEO of Threshold Technologies. "This part of our development phase would have taken us a long time if we decided to do it ourselves."

Amulet Technologies will demonstrate the new 3.8-inch display module at the Embedded Systems Conference East, Sept.13-16 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Mass. Amulet will be part of the EMJ Embedded Systems display at booth number 1112.

Amulet's 3.8 inch display modules are available now in sample quantities. Pricing for production volumes is $135 per module in quantities of 10,000 units.

About Amulet
Amulet Technologies Inc., a privately held, fabless semiconductor company, was founded to benefit from emerging trends in industrial and consumer product design and to emphasize enhanced usability by focusing on simplifying the interaction between man and machine. Amulet invented the Graphical Operating System in Silicon to help reduce lengthy development times and reduce the hardware-software integration phase in embedded systems. Amulet's graphic user interface development environment raises the bar for control function displays and fosters a creative collaboration between engineers, usability specialists and marketing teams in order to build end systems that are intuitive and enhance value and customer satisfaction. For more information, please visit

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