Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing Forms Alliance with Pentland

8/20/2004 - Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing (CWCEC) and Pentland Systems announced a strategic alliance to combine their capabilities and products in order to supply the military and commercial aerospace market with signal processing solutions.

Today's high-speed analog RF acquisition systems based on COTS hardware require increasing levels of mechanical, electrical, EMC and software interoperability to achieve the performance required by high resolution, high capacity systems. For developers and integrators of such radar and other signal processing systems, the collaboration will result in the ability to deliver integrated card sets, subsystems and software solutions that have been designed, tested and manufactured with this interoperability and performance in mind. The result is shortened and less costly development time and reduced total cost of ownership for end-users.

The collaboration has already benefited the UK Royal Navy's Seawolf Mid Life Update (SWMLU) program. AMS, the SWMLU Prime Contractor (Chelmsford, UK) selected CWCEC's CHAMP-AV II Quad Processor DSP board integrated with Pentland's RAD-2 high-speed digitizer for the radar processor. The collaboration means that AMS developers could rely on full interoperability of the products and hassle-free technical support from both companies. "The interoperability of Curtiss-Wright Controls and Pentland Systems products means that our developers are able to focus on developing the application instead of debugging interoperability issues," said Alastair Balloch, AMS Project Director for the SWMLU program.

The product interoperability validation of Pentland Systems products is being performed under Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing's "Extensions" partner program, which offers customers the assurance of product interoperability between member COTS product vendors.

In addition to product interoperability testing, CWCEC will be collaborating with Pentland Systems on projects such as FPGA-based signal processing solutions, performance-optimized card sets for high signal-to-noise requirements, high-speed switched fabric interconnects, and other technology solutions for radar, signal intelligence, software-defined radio and other signal processing applications.

Pentland Systems provides comprehensive coverage of modern TX/RX systems. The product line includes high-speed digital receivers and transmitters as well as intelligent analog input/output, sigma delta, synchro and resolver modules. Pentland products are designed for the toughest Industrial, Military and Aerospace applications including conduction-cooled environments.

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