Acrosser Launches PC/104 for $104 Promotion Program

8/20/2004 - The "PC104 (PC/104) for $104" is a promotion program presented by Acrosser U.S.A. For only $104, customers can get a 486 AR-B1423C PC104 (PC/104) board with WinCE evaluation image. The program also provides resource for other various operating system and hardware.

AR-B1423C is a PC104 (PC/104) single board computer that is designed for projects requiring low cost, compact size, high reliability, and long product lifespan/availability. It can be used alone as a network node processor card, human machine interface, in applications requiring a video display or a reliable control and command unit running a variety of RTOS or PC operating systems.

AR-B1423C is a complete computer system on a single PC104 (PC/104) sized board. It may be used alone or with a wide variety of PC104 (PC/104) expansion modules. The board allows the PC104 (PC/104) embedded user to take advantage of industry standard 144-pin SO-DIMM memory (128MB Max) for a flexible and cost effective needs. It also supports bootable DiskOnChip, and Acrosser's DiskOnFlash. These flash disks to allow program and data file storage without the need for mechanical disk drives.

The highly reliable features on the AR-B1423 include a watchdog timer, industrial long-life battery, and advance power management. This outstanding PC104 (PC/104) processor board was designed with longevity and reliability as the focus. It is fully supported by the Acrosser, and its various partner. Each board is subjected to rigorous burn-in, functional, vibration, temperature testing before distribution. Acrosser is offering a 1 year limited warranty for this PC104 computer.

This PC/104 board AR-B1423C is compatible with a wide selection of popular operating systems including embedded Windows, embedded Linux and Real Time OS. With its pc104 expansion, it can be stack up to 15 PC/104 I/O devices and peripherals. Please see for more information.

About Acrosser
Acrosser is an ISO-9001 certified embedded platform service provider in OEM/ODM manufacturing high-quality and high-performance embedded products since 1988. Acrosser provides embedded PC104 (pc/104) computers to clients in a wide array of industries, including Kiosk, gaming, industrial, networking, security, imaging, and medical. Please visit for more company information.

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