Snap Appliance Introduces Server-to-Server Synchronization v2

8/19/2004 - Snap Appliance TM, the network storage division of Adaptec, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADPT), announced a powerful new software application for its GuardianOS-powered departmental and enterprise Snap Servers called Server-to-Server (S2S) Synchronization v2. A full-featured data replication and distribution solution, S2S v2 is an affordable and easy-to-use solution for synchronizing data between Snap Servers across a distributed network.

S2S v2 is an asynchronous, byte-level replication application that can transmit data or files in a one-to-many, many-to-many, or many-to-one fashion over a Wide Area Network (WAN). The byte level replication functionality improves performance and reduces the amount of data being sent over the network by copying only the changed bytes of large files, not the entire file, keeping network resources available for increased productivity. S2S efficiently and cost-effectively synchronizes data between Snap Servers and, before the end of the year, any Windows, Unix, or Linux application server in the enterprise.

"Snap Appliance's new S2S v2 fills an important gap in midrange data replication," said Bill North, director of storage software research at IDC."Storage replication is a key element of a comprehensive data protection strategy, and to date there haven't been a lot of solutions for systems tailored to the midrange enterprise. I am pleased to see that Snap is planning support for non-Snap application servers too. Many enterprises have unprotected application servers and now with S2S, the data on these systems can also be protected."

"S2S v2 is a product that our distributed enterprise customers have been asking for to help them easily and cost-effectively protect their business data," said Mark Pollard, vice president of marketing of the Snap Appliance division of Adaptec. "Tape-based products are difficult to implement and existing disk alternatives are too expensive for the majority of SMBs or midrange enterprises. S2S delivers a simple, affordable, advanced server synchronization and replication solution that is ideal for nearline backup of server data, remote office backup and recovery, as well as data distribution and centralization between local and remote offices."

Features and Benefits of S2S v2

Pricing and Availability
S2S Synchronization v2 will be available this week via the Snap Appliance web store at A free, 45-day trial version comes with the new GuardianOS v3.1 release (also announced today). Manufacturer's Suggested List Price (MSRP) for a S2S license is $699 for a Snap Server 4200, 4400 or 4500, while MSRP for a Snap Server 14000, 15000, or 18000 (also announced today) is $1,299. Software maintenance is available for an additional fee. S2S v2 will support SnapOS-based Snap Servers and Windows, Linux, and Unix application servers later in 2004. Please note that all capacities described in this announcement are native capacities.

About Snap Appliance
Snap Appliance is a leader in distributed data management solutions and the worldwide volume leader in network attached storage (NAS) solutions1. With the industry's largest NAS installed customer base, Snap provides simple, scalable storage solutions for leading enterprises and organizations of all sizes across a wide range of industries. The GuardianOS® is Snap's unified software platform for distributed data management with the goal of supporting any enterprise platform, any application, anywhere in the network. The Snap ServerTM product family represents true business value, providing innovative technology and rich feature sets that enable organizations to leverage their information assets. Snap's established channel partnerships along with its service and support team provide a rewarding customer experience. More information is available at

Snap Appliance, Snap Server, Snap Care and Snap Disk are trademarks of Snap Appliance.

About Adaptec
Adaptec Inc. (NASDAQ:ADPT) provides end-to-end storage solutions that reliably move, manage and protect critical data and digital content. Adaptec provides software and hardware solutions for storage connectivity and data protection, storage networking and networked storage subsystems to leading OEM and distribution channel partners. Adaptec solutions are in use by enterprises, ISPs, medium and small businesses and consumers worldwide. Adaptec is an S&P Small Cap 600 Index member.

1 GartnerGroup Network Attached Storage Market Share: Worldwide 2003

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