Washington Hospital Center Selects Parco's Wireless Tracking System

8/18/2004 - Parco Merged Media Corp., a healthcare industry leader in precision real time location systems, has received a contract from the Washington Hospital Center for expanded installation of its Wireless Tracking System throughout the hospital's emergency department. This extended installation follows directly on the heels of a successful beta installation at the medical center last year.

Early versions of the Parco Wireless System were deployed in a limited area of the medical center’s main emergency department. As part of this protracted expansion is the introduction of Parco's commercial release of the Wireless Real Time Information System. This system overcomes positional problems by employing licensed wireless technology from Multispectral Solutions (MSSI) and middleware software developed by Parco Merged Media. The Parco Wireless location information system overcomes a major challenge for radio frequency (RF) communications inside buildings (namely "multipath", the self-interference caused by the reflections of RF energy) by utilizing patented ultra-wideband wireless transmitters and receivers. Parco Wireless enables ER1 to precisely and reliably position people and assets to sub-foot accuracies.

"MSSI's license partner, Parco Merged Media, has worked hard to bring the potential of UWB-based tracking and positioning to market in the hospital environment," stated Dr. Robert J. Fontana, MSSI President and CEO. "We are extremely pleased with the success that they have had at Washington Hospital Center, and look forward to future expansion within the MedStar Health system and other hospitals."

Parco's software, built upon Microsoft's .NET Framework, uses a copyrighted 'point and polygon' method which allows ER1 planners a method to quickly differentiate key geographic points thus allowing first responders the ability to assemble mass casualty treatment sites in the field or in the triage areas of the building. The .NET Framework is an integral component of Microsoft Windows® that provides a programming model and runtime environment for Web services, Web applications, and smart client applications. It provides 3rd party developers with easy coding tools and a complete object oriented event driven environment for sophisticated developers.

The accurate location information provided by the Parco system allows hospitals the added ability to precisely track patient movements throughout the continuum of care.

According to Parco's CEO Scott Cohen "Parco's success in bringing sub-foot level tracking gives the medical center the ability to determine what side of the wall and which floor their people and assets are actually located. Our systems represent an order of magnitude increase in accuracy for location information that until now was impossible."

"This contract demonstrates Parco's ability to solve an urgent requirement and to bring a commercially viable product to market." adds Bertrand Dugal, President of Parco. "In critical life and death situations accuracy is essential. For hospitals that have tried tracking systems in the past, Parco’s ability to offer dependable sub-foot accuracy represents the complete coming of age for the tracking industry."

Parco Merged Media Corporation (Parco) was established in 2001 in Portland, ME. Parco is a leader in the the development of software and hardware systems for precise positioning and communications. The first commercial ultra-wideband (UWB) solution --- Parco Wireless --- represent the first commercial production for UWB equipment for use as radio frequency identification (RFID). The Parco Wireless ECHO3240 is the world’s first FCC-certified, UWB-based, active RFID and tracking system for personnel and high valued assets. Parco develops and distributes software for wireless applications including: an Application Programmer Interface (API), Middleware, and a Software Developers Kit (SDK). Developer and site licenses are available for healthcare and other operational environments.

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