Tek Targets Video Broadcasters and Editors with WVR7000 HD Rasterizer

8/18/2004 - Tektronix, Inc. (NYSE: TEK), a leading worldwide provider of test, measurement and monitoring instrumentation, announced its new WVR7000 Rasterizer for monitoring the quality of high-definition (HD) content to meet the demands of broadcasters and video editors. With the WVR7000 Rasterizer, HD, standard definition (SD), and composite analog signals, as well as digital and analog audio can be all monitored from one instrument.

More HD programs are being produced and HDTVs are finding their way into more households. Pressure is mounting on television organizations to meet the consumer expectations for HD while also complying with the legal specifications for HD broadcasting. Operators in hybrid (HD, SD and composite analog) broadcast facilities need a cost-effective, feature rich, and easy-to-use monitoring solution that helps them quickly and reliably determine the quality of transmitted content. The new WVR7000 Rasterizer enables engineers, technicians, video editors, and colorists to provide the highest video quality and conformance to broadcast specifications.

"As high-definition television becomes more prevalent, those producing HD programming need a high quality, intuitive and flexible monitoring solution that provides the confidence necessary to deliver on the promise of HDTV," said Todd Biddle, Vice President, Video Product Line, Tektronix. "The WVR7000 brings to television organizations the full support for HD along with all of the features and reliability found in the successful WVR6000 Series of Rasterizers including the simplified user interface and the powerful, flexible FlexVuTM display."

"The ability to monitor HD, SD and composite analog signals using the WVR7000 is important as the transition to digital TV gathers momentum and we continue to evolve Europe's first HDTV satellite channels," said Jacques Schepers, External Technical Director at Euro 1080. "Being able to monitor digital and analog audio is another great feature, but the introduction of the WVR7000 Rasterizer is also insightful as it reflects the need for quality assurance that HD demands. Tektronix already provides us with valuable tools for SD and HD, and we appreciate the choice that the broad portfolio provides."

With the FlexVu display, customers can uniquely configure their instrument to display waveform, vector, gamut, picture, alarm screens, error log, and audio signal levels and lisajous in four different tiles. The WVR7000 is the only HD Rasterizer with the de facto industry standard, Tektronix-patented, gamut displays (diamond, split diamond and arrowhead) that ensure that the broadcast material meets gamut compliance in the component and composite color spaces.

The user interface for the WVR7000 is extremely intuitive and access to key functionality is available with the touch of one button. The shallow menu structure allows the user to quickly access all of the unit's key functionality. Customers continue to require additional flexibility when integrating monitoring solutions within their facilities. To meet this need, a new remote front panel capability allows the user to access and control the WVR7000 from a distance of up to 100 feet by using a remote front panel that is identical to the front panel on the unit.

The WVR7000 is an all-digital instrument that offers unparalleled accuracy and stability, and ensures consistent measurement results time after time. With the digital design, measurement reliability is no longer a concern as customers don't have to worry about periodic calibration of test tools that drift with fluctuations in ambient temperatures over time.

The new Tektronix WVR7000 is designed with passive loop through inputs, which makes it the industry's only HD Rasterizer that can be installed within the actual signal path, so that the signal being monitored is the signal viewers see. The WVR7000 supports two passive loop-through HD SDI inputs of the prevalent HD formats (720p, 1035i, 1080i, 1080p and 1080sF) at a variety of frame rates.

About Tektronix
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