Commetrex's New FAX Architecture Blends PSTN with IP Networks

8/16/2004 - Commetrex announced a new architecture for enterprise fax that leverages the company’s experience in carrier-network fax media servers and gateways to blend traditional PSTN fax with real-time IP-based fax. The new architecture transparently supports T.38 fax relay and G.711 pass-through fax, all on the same system platform with PSTN fax. Since 2001, Commetrex has licensed its TerminatingT38 product to media-server vendors. Recently, its line of MSP Media Gateway PCI cards configured as “fax boards” have begun to ship. The new architecture combines these products with PowerRelay for T.38 to give the fax-server OEM and hosted communications systems vendors the ability to support any fax from any type of network originating on any gateway, even if it does not support T.38.

Steve Hersee, CEO of Copia International, whose product automate business messaging, said, “This new architecture allows us to add features and system configurations to FaxFacts that we simply could not do previously. For example, the MSP-H8 supports both FXS and FXO interfaces, so we can connect legacy fax terminals as well as office trunks to our system. This opens up quality and security applications, in addition to least-cost routing. Of course, Multi-Modal Terminating Fax with TerminatingT38 allows us to send real-time IP faxes from FaxFacts through any gateway.”

Cliff Schornak, Commetrex’ CTO, explained: “This architecture combines the MSP analog and digital PSTN-interfaces serving as fax boards with TerminatingT38, PowerRelay for T.38, and Multi-Modal Terminating Fax to deliver unprecedented functionality to the system developer. These products can be combined to route real-time faxes between offices via IP. Any gateway, IAD, or endpoint can be used in a branch office or POP, even if they do not support T.38, since we also handle G.711 pass-through faxes.” Mike Coffee, Commetrex’ CEO, pointed out that the movement to all-IP communications servers in enterprise and hosted-communications environments is well underway. High- cost telephony boards are being replaced by lower-cost access gateways and even lower- cost endpoints. But prior to Commetrex’ BladeWare media server with TerminatingT38, IP-network designers had no way to duplicate the ability of a server using traditional multi- line fax boards to send and receive faxes in real time. Instead, unified messaging and IP- based fax services would use the non-real-time methods, such as the SMTP-based T.37. “We now have the products and network architecture to give the system designer complete freedom and flexibility to operate in both the PSTN and IP worlds, and do so without restriction,” added Coffee.

About Commetrex Corporation
Commetrex develops and markets enabling technologies designed to shorten the time to market and reduce the development cost of integrated-media telecommunications equipment. Long known for its market-leading fax and other licensed technologies, Commetrex is now bringing to the equipment developer the high-value software frameworks and packet-voice needed in all high-capacity integrated-media telephony systems.

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