Tao Group intent Powers SSEYO miniMIXA in World's First Mobile DJ Set

8/13/2004 - A mobile phone music application will take centre stage at the FutureDJ event with a world-first DJ set using the SSEYO miniMIXA, powered with intent® from Tao Group. FutureDJ takes place this summer on a cruise ship in the Baltic Sea, as part of the ISEA2004 arts festival, and will feature synth pop band Roger, computer games artists fuchs-eckerman, and the Futuresonic Sound System on a Microsoft Windows Mobile-based Smartphone.

FutureDJ will feature the first outing for the SSEYO miniMIXA, a revolutionary integrated multi-channel mobile audio mixer and recording studio, available for both Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs & Smartphones. With a wide range of per-channel sound effects, microphone recording plus a number of DJ-like mixing techniques, SSEYO miniMIXA has been designed for the easy on-device combination of multi-bar content to generate an almost infinite number of different grooves. Support for the new innovative SKM format, in addition to many standard audio and MIDI formats, means content can also use the internal modular synthesiser and Koan generative music engine. This brings extra organic richness and interest to a mix from very small footprint content – an important consideration on a phone.

Since the first FutureDJ event (conceived by Futuresonic’s Drew Hemment at the Futuresonic04 Festival in Manchester) Roger and fuchs-eckerman have been developing space age tools for the DJ. On the ISEA2004 cruise they will be showcasing a computer game that is also a DJ tool, able to scratch in V-space while sonic spaces will be constructed as lucid 3D environments and the DJ player pawn will be armed with a soundgun - a powerful tool to his/her sounds.

They will be joined by Drew Hemment from the Futuresonic Sound System, who has teamed up with SSEYO to put SSEYO miniMIXA through its paces. He will use it on a Windows Mobile-based Smartphone to mix tracks on the fly. A summer job DJing on a cruise ship like no other.

Tim Cole, co-founder of SSEYO and now Head of Audio at Tao Group commented, “We are excited to be working with Drew and the Futuresonic Sound System, as we have a long history of working with pioneering music technology artists. We greatly value the perspective and passion they bring to the mix.”

The Finnish-British band Roger is adding their unique twist to Northern Electronica. Their sound is synth pop injected with the spirit of Lil' Louis; the struggle between Finnish producer Teemu Metsälä's leanings towards flawless pop and quest for the perfect beat leads to something unique - and to "a bugged-out Pet Shop Boys".

Meanwhile, the digital artists Sylvia Eckermann and Mathias Fuchs have a strong background in computer science and electronic music. From their interest in electronic art, especially computer mediated sound generation and manipulation, has sprung yet another ingenious idea, a fusion of music and video game art.

On the ISEA2004 cruise the collaboration of Roger, Futuresonic Sound System and the fuchs-eckerman collective will result in an exclusive DJ set of the future, opening bewildering visions for both minds, eardrums and dancing shoes.

1) For information on the SSEYO miniMIXA application visit: www.sseyo.com/miniMIXA
2) For information about the intent Sound System visit: http://withintent.biz/audio This site also contains a downloadable intent Sound System factsheet and a technology white paper on the intent multimedia platform.
3) For detailed developer information, including intent Sound System APIs, visit: SSEYO APIs
4) For information about the ISEA2004 festival or the SSEYO miniMIXA installation and featured artists visit: www.isea2004.net
5) For information about Futuresonic, please visit: www.futuresonic.com

intent and SSEYO are registered trademarks of Tao Group Ltd. SSEYO limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tao Group Ltd. SSEYO miniMIXA and SSEYO MIXApaks are trademarks of Tao Group Ltd.

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