Media Machines Releases FLUX 1.2 Real-Time 3D Software

8/13/2004 - Media Machines (, a leading provider of technology and solutions for real-time 3D communication, announced the availability of FluxTM Version 1.2; a platform for deploying high performance 3D content and applications over a network that is fully compliant with X3D, the new open standard for 3D graphics recently ratified by the International Standards Organization (ISO) and adopted by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG). Flux Version 1.2 combines broadcast quality graphics with game engine performance to deliver unprecedented visual impact and interactivity in real time for a variety of applications, including presentation graphics, advanced user interfaces, knowledge navigation, simulation and training, electronic manuals, distance learning and interactive entertainment.

“The release of Flux 1.2 is a watershed event in visual computing,” said Tony Parisi, creator of Flux and President of Media Machines. “Before now, real-time 3D has solely been the province of gaming and high-end applications. The latest release of Flux offers state of the art capabilities to a wide audience, enabling a whole new class of interactive applications that is transforming the way people work, play, discover and communicate.”

Flux Version 1.2 is being deployed commercially in diverse applications that include scientific visualization, knowledge navigation, life sciences, and education. Media Machines’ customers have chosen Flux for its performance, features, flexibility and conformance to the X3D standard. Flux Version 1.2 features a highly optimized engine for rendering X3D content, a set of application programmer interfaces (APIs) enabling third-party development, and a one-click installable media player plug-in for viewing X3D content embedded in web pages. Flux is suitable for use in a variety of commercial settings, including turnkey products, web sites, and enterprise applications.

Media Machines offers Flux commercial licenses in several editions: a Professional edition for end users, a Publisher edition for web developers, and a Software Development Kit (SDK) edition for programmers. Flux Version 1.2 also bundles with Version 1.2 of Virtock Technologies’ Vizx3D, a low-cost authoring platform that allows artists and designers to easily create X3D and publish the result on the web, providing an affordable end-to-end solution for web-based 3D deployment.

Media Machines also announced that the awesome capabilities of Flux are on display in showcase web sites and events. The X3Dxperience is an online 3d content site designed by Cube Productions to showcase X3D, Flux and the tools needed to create professional projects ( Flux, the winner of last year’s SIGGRAPH 2003 Web3D Showcase award for Best Technology Demonstration, is again featured at SIGGRAPH this year during the “Real-Time 3DX: Demo or Die” event taking place during the conference at the Los Angeles, CA.

"Flux finally offers designers and creative teams in many disciplines a playback engine for open standard 3D that truly competes with the closed, proprietary and often expensive 3D solutions that have been offered in the past," stated Larry Rosenthal of Cube Productions, the designer of The X3Dxperience. " Flux is full screen, fast and broadcast 3D quality; clients love it."

Flux Version 1.2 is available for Windows and runs as a plug-in for use in Internet Explorer and other web browsers, and as an ActiveX component in Windows applications. In the future, other operating systems will be supported. Flux 1.2 is available for download at the Media Machines web site (

About Media Machines (
Media Machines is a provider of technology and solutions for real-time 3D communication. Media Machines leads the charge in the development of standards and technologies that lower the barrier of entry and total cost of ownership for developing real-time 3D applications. Media Machines was founded in 1999 by Tony Parisi, co-creator of the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) and Extensible 3D (X3D), the ISO standards for 3D graphics on the World Wide Web.

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