Bitboys Showcases Graphics Processors for Wireless and Embedded Devices

8/12/2004 - Bitboys, a provider of graphics hardware solutions, announced and demonstrated the company’s new graphics processor product line for wireless and embedded devices at SIGGRAPH 2004 in Los Angeles.

Adding a host of new advanced and innovative features to its graphics processor family, Bitboys moves a leap forward in developing graphics acceleration solutions for wireless and embedded devices. Bitboys products are licensed to semiconductor and mobile phone manufacturers as IP (Intellectual Property) cores that are integrated into the manufacturers’ SoC (System-on-Chip) semiconductor products.

With the new graphics processor line, Bitboys continues to pursue its long-term goal of developing products that:

“With our new processor range, we are able to offer our customers a complete graphics solution that includes not only a fully-featured graphics processor, but also optimized software drivers to support application developers. Our processors have been specifically designed to provide a blend of size, performance, power consumption and price that is optimally suited for mass-market products,” said Mr. Mikko Saari, CEO, Bitboys.

The new Bitboys product line covers the entire range of mobile phone platforms, with special attention devoted to developing efficient graphics cores for volume-market wireless and embedded devices. All products are available immediately for licensing.

G32 - Graphics acceleration for volume-market wireless devices
The G32 forms the basis of the new Bitboys product line. The G32 has been designed to be compatible with the new OpenGL® ES 1.1 graphics API, with emphasis on very small design size and very low power consumption to make the core particularly suitable for volume-market wireless devices.

G34 - Advanced 3D graphics for wireless gaming
An evolution from the G32 design, the G34 is a 2D/3D graphics processor core with the OpenGL® ES 1.1 feature set adding performance through a fully programmable geometry engine and support for programmable vertex shaders. The G34 is targeted for next-generation wireless gaming, and the processor supports scenes with numerous animated characters with tens of thousands of polygons, rendered with full anti-aliasing, 32-bit color at more than 30 frames per second for an immersive gaming experience. The programmable, floating-point geometry processor allows for advanced scene and object complexity by adding lifelike detail and animation to game characters and environments.

G40 - Fully programmable graphics acceleration for smart phone platforms
The G40 is a fully programmable 2D, 3D and vector graphics processor with the OpenGL® ES 1.1 feature set and support for upcoming programmable graphics APIs packed into a small design size with efficient memory bandwidth usage. Programmable vertex and pixel shaders provide for advanced photo-realistic rendering effects and unprecedented visual clarity. Hardware acceleration is provided for all forms of graphics including 2D bitmap graphics, vector graphics and 3D graphics: everything from user interfaces to applications and games can now be visualized with high-quality, interactive and user-friendly graphics.

“Today’s consumers expect a high-quality visual experience from their mobile phones and advanced graphics capabilities are gaining acceptance as one of the features that will drive demand for the next generation of handheld devices. Despite the relatively long times required for new processor technology to mature into end-user products, forward-looking semiconductor and mobile phone manufacturers are now making the decisions to incorporate this exciting new technology into their upcoming products,” said Mr. Mikko Saari, CEO, Bitboys.

The full programmability of Bitboys processors provides for future graphics API compatibility, extending support for the next-generation programmable 3D graphics APIs and shading languages. The programmable pixel processor supports pixel shaders, which are per-pixel executed programs that allow developers to generate such realistic-looking object surfaces as metals, woods, water, lighting effects and reflections.

Finland-based Bitboys develops and licenses graphics hardware IP solutions for various wireless and embedded devices. Bitboys graphics processors are specifically designed for power and size restricted environments and are the outcome of over 12 years of experience in graphics research and development. The first product line targeted for wireless and embedded devices has been available for licensing since July 2003. Bitboys currently employs 33 dedicated graphics professionals. For more information about Bitboys, please visit

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