Anritsu Targets SAN and 10 GbE Applications with 12.5G BERTS Options

8/11/2004 - Anritsu Company introduces three options for its industry-leading MP1763C and MP1764C/D 12.5G Bit Error Rate Test Set (BERTS) that accurately evaluate new high speed devices used in storage area network (SAN) and 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications. With these options, Anritsu now offers the only 12.5G BERTS with the differential inputs, 1/4 speed differential outputs, and CDR (Clock/Data Recovery) required for evaluating 4.25G Fibre Channel as well as 10 GbE XAUI and SFI-4P2 devices. The options also solidify the number one position of the Anritsu 12.5G BERTS in the marketplace.

The new 1/4 speed differential option enables differential output of both data and clock at a rate 1/4 that of the standard 50M to 12.5G output. This allows the 12.5G BERTS to analyze new high-speed devices used in 10G Ethernet, as well as high-speed buses and backplanes such as PCI Express, much less expensively than a using a parallel BERTS. With its new CDR option, the 12.5G BERTS can use input data as a trigger signal for error rate detection and waveform monitoring. An external clock or CDR is not required, and when the CDR option is used jointly with the new differential input option, high-speed differential devices can be evaluated without an external jig. The CDR is variable and supports bit rates from 62.5M to 11.1G, including unique support for 4.25G Fibre Channel.

Recognizing the large installed base of 12.5G BERTS, Anritsu is offering existing customers special pricing for the valuable options as well as loaner units during the upgrade period. Very significant discounts are also available to customers who trade in 12.5G BERTS from other manufacturers.

The options perfectly complement the overall capabilities of the Anritsu 12.5G BERTS, which consists of the MP1763C Pulse Pattern Generator (PPG) and MP1764C/D Error Detector (ED). Covering a wide frequency range of 50M to 12.5G, the BERTS support STM-0/STS-1 to 10 GbE, STM-64/STS-192, and OTU-2, in addition to 4.25G Fibre Channel. Anritsu has maintained its 12.5G BERTS market leadership position due to its overall superior performance, which includes burst measurement capability for circulating loop measurements, and controllable amplitude and offset.

The 12.5G BERTS capabilities allow it to be used from R&D through manufacturing and production to perform highly accurate evaluations of transmission equipment, high-speed devices, optical modules, and buses and backplanes.

The MP1763C PPG with 1/4 differential outputs is $93,100 and the MP1764D ED that includes both differential input and variable CDR options is $127,000. Users of any 12.5G BERTS should contact Anritsu at 800-ANRITSU (800-267-4878) for special trade-in pricing and Anritsu BERTS upgrade information.

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