Agilent Adds EMI Measurement Feature on PSA Spectrum Analyzers

8/11/2004 - Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) announced the addition of three detectors to its PSA Series high-performance spectrum analyzers for performing electromagnetic interference (EMI) precompliance measurements on devices. The peak, average and quasi-peak detectors and bandwidths are now standard on all PSA models and are compliant with the International Special Committee on Radio Perturbations (CISPR)(1). The PSA series also offers compliant MIL-STD bandwidths and detector.

With the EMI capability, R&D engineers can easily evaluate the conducted and radiated emissions performance of their designs during the development stage using high-performance spectrum analyzers. For electromagnetic-compatibility (EMC) test houses and companies that have dedicated precompliance and in-chamber testing, the PSA with EMI measurement capability is ideal for troubleshooting because of its speed and sensitivity.

The PSA provides the CISPR 16 required, 6-dB resolution bandwidths of 200 Hz, 9 kHz, and 120 kHz, and 1 MHz impulse bandwidth filters. Additionally, the PSA provides the MIL-STD 461-required decade impulse bandwidth filters from 10 Hz to 1 MHz. The PSA displays up to three detected traces on the screen, providing faster measurements. All detected EMI peak, average, and quasi-peak signals of interest appear in a single display.

The EMI measurement capability adds another tool to the PSA, which has the widest range of functionality in a high-performance spectrum analyzer, including phase noise, noise figure, flexible modulation, 11 standards-based measurement personalities and 80 MHz wide-information bandwidth measurements. Multiple connectivity interfaces speed system integration including IVI-COM and VXIplug&play drivers to support VEE, LabView and LabWindows; and GPIB and 10 baseT LAN for automated control and remote operation. Agilent's IntuiLink, BenchLink Web Remote and Connectivity Suite software programs also support the PSA.

Further Information
Additional information about the Agilent PSA Series spectrum analyzers and the new detectors is available at
A backgrounder describing the importance of electromagnetic compatibility precompliance testing is available at
Images of the PSA are available at

The EMI capability is standard with PSA Series spectrum analyzers ordered after July 1, 2004. Earlier models can be upgraded after Aug. 30, 2004, by downloading firmware at no additional charge from the Agilent Web site at

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(1) Comite International Special des Perturbations Radioelectriques.

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