Kontron, Advantech, and ADLINK Support ETXexpress for Embedded Market

8/10/2004 - Kontron is working with industry leading companies worldwide and is pleased to announce a joint marketing activity with Advantech and ADLink to promote the ETXexpress product brand to the embedded market. Kontron and Advantech already jointly support the COM standard ETX; this is the first cooperation on such scale for Kontron and ADLINK. Together, the three parties have high expectations for the success of the ETXexpress products.

The cooperation covers combined brand marketing, shared use of trade names, and ensures ETXexpress branded products follow the defined standard. Kontron introduced the new module standard with Intel back in November 2003, with a group working on the standard development and definition that included PICMG integration as well. Kontron is looking for more market leaders to validate, collaborate and manufacture ETXexpress solutions, creating wider market acceptance and faster market penetration and growth.

"To have industry leaders Advantech and ADLINK participating in the ETXexpress promotion will ensure strong product brand recognition in the embedded marketplace" says Matthias Huber, Product Manager for ETXexpress. "This will ensure that ETXexpress will become as well accepted as ETX was before" adds Mr. Huber.

"Our purpose is to provide state-of-the-art solutions for high quantity production in the embedded market within a few years. This will revolutionize the market of customized design for solutions based on PCI-Express", comments Jens Plachetka, ECG Sales Manager for Advantech in Germany. "And as PCI-Express is on the verge becoming the preferred standard, we will win the market over with COMs even faster than ETX acceptance. At that time the technology was newly established and the COM idea was new", adds Plachetka. Advantech will also intensely try for further joint development and commercialization of the CPU standard for customized embedded systems.

"As part of the initiative, ADLINK will team up with Kontron and fully support the new ETXexpress product lines" says Jeff Munch, Chief Technology Officer of ADLINK. "This exciting collaboration with Kontron will provide large and small manufacturers with a foundation to quickly bring powerful PCI Express based products to the market" indicates Mr. Munch.

The Specification at a Glance
ETXexpress will support up to 8 PCI Express x1 Lanes and PCI Express Graphics as well as established hardware solutions based on current busses such as 32-bit PCI and ISA bus (via a LPC). A 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet port provides fast connectivity to LAN/WAN and up to 8 x USB 2.0 provide fast interfaces for external drives/flash, keyboard, mice and other peripherals. ETXexpress modules also provide interfaces that are always located in the same physical position on each board, guaranteeing scalability between modules. These include serial ATA, parallel ATA, LVDS Multi Media ports as well as an ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) for optimized power management.

The new standard will be initially offered in a 90 mm x 125 mm form factor. Signals are brought out via high pin count SMT connectors that permit data transmission rates of up to 5 GHz. Six mounting holes on the board provide resistance to shock and vibration. The thermal coupling system incorporates a standardized heat spreader, same as with ETX.

Contact Information:
Kontron Embedded Modules GmbH, Brunnwiesenstr. 16, 94469 Deggendorf, Germany

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