Technobox Unveils Adapter for Converting PCI or PCI-X Card to PMC Site

8/6/2004 - Technobox, a leading manufacturer of PCI Mezzanine Cards (PMC), Tools and Adapters, has announced the introduction of the 4044 PCI-to-PMC adapter that allows designers to insert either a 32- or 64-bit PCI, or PCI-X card in a PMC site, permitting accelerated development of PMC solutions using existing PCI boards.

This latest PCI-to-PMC adapter from Technobox is a successor to the company's 1505 PCI-to-PMC adapter. The 4044 features two PCI connectors -- one for a 32-bit 5 Volt PCI card, the other for either a 32-bit or 64-bit 3.3 Volt board. Support for the new PCI-X Capable signal provides for the use of either legacy style PCI boards (33 or 66 Mhz, 5V or 3.3V) or the newer PCI-X boards (up to 110 Mhz, 3.3v).

Variations of the 4044 are offered which include a 10-watt, 5-to-3.3 Volt DC-to-DC converter for those systems that do not provide 3.3 Volt power, a PLL clock buffer optimizing setup and hold times on the PCI-X bus allowing the skewing of the front edge of the PCI clock by +/- 4 ns (in 1 ns steps), as determined by a rotary switch setting.

To assure optimal performance with high-speed PCI-X boards, the adapter was carefully designed with such features as an eight-layer PCB and the use of Schottky diodes to minimize signal undershoot and other transmission line effects. LEDs indicate the status of power and key bus signals. A second set of LEDs is dedicated to showing PCI-X bus cycles as they are decomposed by the 4044 into MEMORY RD/WR, I/O RD/WR and CONFIGURATION RD/WR. Six 20-pin connectors are available for attachment of Agilent (HP) logic analyzer termination adapters. Additionally, a special voltage level signal that is proportional to the actual bandwidth utilization provides a measurement of board performance.

The 4044 lists for $595.00. Quantity discounts are available. The adapter is available for immediate shipment.

For more information regarding the 4044 or any Technobox product:
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About Technobox
Technobox has been specializing in PMC solutions since the introduction of the IEEE 1386-1 standards for the PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) concept in 1993. Established in 1989, the company is highly regarded for its excellence in electronics engineering, particularly in custom board-level architectures.

Technobox has been at the forefront of PMC design, offering a comprehensive assortment of modules, including the industry's leading line of development tools and adapters. The company maintains a variety of PMCs for off-the-shelf purchase and welcomes custom design projects, offering consultation services, board design, and fabrication, to satisfy unique requirements that cannot be fulfilled with more generic solutions. Customized solutions encompass a range of form factors, not just PMCs. Technobox has developed numerous proprietary designs for VME, Compact PCI, and PC/104, as well as development kits and custom demonstration boards for IC vendors to showcase the latest chip technologies.

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